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Orlando, FL – The idea of chimney cleaning may conjure romantic notions in your mind if you are a fan of Disney movies. In reality, chimney cleaning can be quite a hassle. Unless you’re willing to get down and dirty, you are probably better off hiring a professional chimney cleaning service. Get ready to be covered in soot if you’ve decided to opt for cleaning the chimney yourself!

Either of two basic methods is generally employed for chimney cleaning in the current age. Each method requires some specialized equipment, unlike Disney movies where a simple hand-broom is usually more than enough to clean the entire chimney and put a shine to it.

From the Top

One of the most commonly employed methods for chimney cleaning is the top-down method. For this, you will need to get yourself on the roof, take care not to fall though! Obtain a chimney brush from any hardware store that is specifically made for this purpose and insert the brush into the opening of the chimney on your roof. Connect the brush with flexible metal rods to extend its length so you can easily get further down the chimney using the brush. Simply clean up the chimney while sliding down the brush as needed. For the least mess, you can close the opening of the fireplace from inside your house. This method has become quite commonplace due to the lack of preparation it requires, along with creating the least mess inside your house and on your clothes. Chimney cleaning in Orlando region is often done using this method.

Cleaning From the Bottom

Very similar to the previous method, the distinction lies only in the direction you clean from. While the top-down method is apparently quite great, it does involve the risk of falling since you have to climb up on the roof for chimney cleaning. In Orlando, this method is rarely used though. The same principle as before is employed with this method, but you clean from inside your house using the same type of extended chimney brush. While you are safer going for this method, it does create quite a bit of mess inside the house. Using plenty of drop cloth to protect your flooring and furniture is a good idea before you opt for this one. If safety is paramount, cleaning from the bottom is your best bet; of course, you have to be up for an extensive clean up inside your house once you’re done.

Going for chimney cleaning in Orlando yourself might seem like a good idea at first, but it can be quite a hassle and creates considerable mess. Adventurous types often find the experience quite thrilling and generally opt for cleaning the chimney themselves. For the rest of us, it is usually preferable to hire professional chimney cleaners to get the job done without the hassle. With the number of such services springing up in the city, finding a decent chimney cleaner at reasonable prices is easier than ever before.

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