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Chimney cleaning in Orlando is important because it helps prevent carbon monoxide poisoning and chimney fires – and hence potential house fires. If you have decided that this time around you will take on the challenge and make your chimney a healthy smoker again, then this step-by-step post is dedicated to make your efforts bring the best results.

Step #1 Know What You Can Deal With

Creosote buildup is the major reason why your chimney needs cleaning. Creosote deposits can take different forms and not all forms can be dealt with without professional aid. Hence there are few cases of chimney cleansing that you should not perform yourself, but at the same time there are many others you can easily perform while doing chimney cleaning in Orlando.

So which type of creosote buildups are totally on a professional turf?

Creosote/soot builds up as a grayish layer of deposit along the walls of your chimney. It is mostly of powdery nature in the beginning and a simple broom easily cleans it up. Over time the deposits begin to turn to shades of brown. This takes form of small solid ridges along the length of your chimney. These can be removed with some effort and pose to harm to the structural integrity of your chimney.

But if still left untended the newer deposit increases the size of these ridges and hence places them in the direct path of the hot drafts coming from the different parts of your home. This literally bakes the soot and turns it into a blackish and tar like granular form of ridges. This means your chimney has begun to move into the professional care territory.

Finally, if you chimney’s insides have a “glazed and shiny” look then it means that it has almost become a part of the walls of your chimney. Here you definitely need to call in services for chimney cleaning in Orlando

Step #2 Measure for Tools

Chimney cleaning mostly requires household items but some specific tools as well.

NOTE: The most tools include the chimney brush, rope, and chimney rods. Hence you must measure the opening of your chimney as well as its height to get a good sense of what your chimney is like. You’re going to need to examine your chimney and measure its opening with a tape measure.

The following is the complete list for these tools:

  1. Chimney brush
  2. Chimney brush rods or rope and pull rings. (This depends on the method you have selected.)
  3. Dust mask/goggles
  4. Flashlight
  5. Mirror
  6. Ladder (Depends if you are using the top down method)
  7. Tape
  8. Metal bucket
  9. Shovel and broom
  10. Shop vacuum
  11. A cover for fireplace
  12. Cover sheets for your furniture.

Step #3 Select Your Cleaning Method

Basically there are two methods of cleaning a chimney. The “top down” method includes using the ladder to clean the chimney from the roof top. You attach the chimney brush with a rope and a pull ring, attach a weight at the bottom and slowly lower the brush all that way down the shaft. The process is repeated several times before you inspect the condition of the shaft and repeat if necessary.

In case of the “bottom up method” you attach the chimney brush to the chimney rod and slowly push the chimney brush all the way to the top of the chimney shaft. Don’t forget to wear the goggles and the mask to protect yourself from soot showers.

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