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Orlando, FL – Why should you concern yourself with the care of your chimney?

The hazards of a dirty chimney have been proven time and time again since the advent of chimneys. Since the earliest times, the profession of a chimney sweep has existed in all cultures, knowing the potential hazards of a dirty chimney. Let’s take a look at 5 of the most important reasons for the need of chimney cleaning in Orlando.

1. Dirty Chimneys are a Fire Hazard

When too much time passes by without the chimney being cleaned, creosote builds up on the sides. A byproduct of fire, creosote itself is flammable, thus leading to sudden fires originating from the chimney. Fires due to this reason have lead to a large number of houses being burnt down, and lead to the formation of the very first professional sweeps in our culture. The soot needs to be cleaned on a regular basis to prevent accumulation of creosote.

2. Restriction of Air Flow

If used on a regular basis, soot covers the sides of the chimney and sets in thickly, restricting air flow. When air flow is restricted, air is not drawn over coals or wood properly through the chimney, depending on your usage. This leads to decreased combustion, which is one of the primary purposes of a chimney. Get your chimney cleaned so it does what it is supposed to do!

3. Carbon Monoxide can be Fatal!

Blocked chimneys are particularly infamous for letting carbon monoxide into your house. The gas is hard to detect and thus is even more dangerous, since you never know how long it has been here. Initially, the illnesses caused by breathing in small amounts of carbon monoxide are common ones, like headache and fatigue. Attributing these to a carbon monoxide leak from the chimney is a far stretch for most people; therefore, avoidance of a blocked chimney is the best cure. Chimney cleaning professionals today usually carry carbon monoxide detectors; get a detection performed periodically!

4. Nasty Odor Permeates the House

A common consequence of an unclean chimney is a particularly dreadful odor that permeates the house. The smell lingers and turns into a ghastly odor during the spring thaw; simply get the chimney cleaned to get rid of the smell. A better way to go about this would be to hire a professional for chimney cleaning in Orlando to sweep the chimney on a regular basis to eliminate the chance of such a smell.

5. Home for the Rodents

With time, rodents and birds tend to make nests and start living in chimneys, especially those which are wide and airy. This leads to unpleasant noises and odors which has necessitated chimney cleaning. In Orlando, happenings like these are particularly common and have even lead to fires! In addition to making it easier on yourself, you might just save the life of a rodent by getting the chimney cleaned on a timely basis!

Bottom-line – utilize a professional cleaning service for your house and get peace of mind regarding safety issues due to a blocked or dirty chimney.

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