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Orlando, FL – Air duct cleaning is a service which you should schedule on a regular basis. Doing so will ensure that your home has a high level of indoor air quality and that your health is not exposed to risks of any sort. Here are some of the most commonly asked questions about air duct cleaning in Orlando, FL.

Will you enjoy a heath benefit if you call a professional air duct cleaning in Orlando, FL?

Research claims that with time, your heating, ventilation and cooling or HVAC system, may become affected by contaminants like fungi, mold, bacteria and dust. These contaminants endanger your health and so you must get your system cleaned regular. Only then will you be able to maintain an acceptable value of indoor air quality.

What is involved in a typical duct cleaning process?

Generally, a negative pressure is applied to your system through a powerful vacuuming device. While the equipment sucks air from the system, special devices are inserted into the ducts to dislodge dust particles. The vacuum then pulls out these dislodged particles as it draws the air from the system.

Is it necessary to make use of antimicrobial chemicals during the cleaning session?

Some cleaning providers treat your duct with special antimicrobial substances if you pay an increased price. These prevent the growth of mold, fungi and other organisms.

How long does an average session take?

The answer to this question depends on a number of factors such as your home size, system size, contamination levels and team members of your chosen service. Before the process is initiated, you can ask an average time estimate from the individuals who will be managing the job. This will give you an idea about both the time and the steps which will be involved in the process.

What are the average costs?

The average costs of air duct cleaning in Orlando, FL varies from company to company. Don’t get ripped off by low ball ads that eventually charge you a fortune. Call a reputable company and get as much info as possible..

Is there any way to determine if the cleaning was effective?

Probably the best way to determine if your chosen air duct cleaning provider did a good job is to visually inspect your system. You will have to do this both before and after the session to note the differences. If you come across any dust particles, it is obvious that cleaning was not effective. For a more thorough inspection, you can make use of a mirror and a flashlight.

Ask your provider if he can give you access to inspection tools, which make the job easier.

How frequently should you opt for a professional air duct cleaning in Orlando, FL?

This also depends on a number of factors. If any of the following is true, you will require more frequent sessions.

  • Any family member who smokes
  • Any family member who is suffering from asthma, and other reparatory problem
  • Pets that shed off more dander and hair
  • Water damage

If you are about to move into a new home or have renovated your current residence, then also you should get your air ducts cleaned.

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