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Orlando, FL – So you can manage technical tasks all by yourself pretty easily? Great, but when it comes to cleaning your air ducts, the process can become difficult. Despite, this DIY air duct cleaning in Orlando, FL is quite common and you will get it done if you take note of a few things.

Before we proceed with describing what is involved, we will like to tell you that a much better option is to seek the services of a company that offers air duct cleaning in Orlando, FL. No matter how good you are, they will always do a better job than you ever can because they have all the required tools and substances for this. Obviously, you will have to pay a price for this, but you will not have to put in any efforts or time. Still if your budget is an issue, you may want to try cleaning the air duct by yourself. The entire process will take around 20 minutes for each of your duct. Make sure you have all the required tools nearby to make the job easier.

Things that you will need

Take your house cleaner like a detergent or bleach, and mix it with water in a 1:3 ratio. Keep rags or small prices of cloth with you. You will also require a screwdriver, plastic zip ties and a paint brush.

The Steps

Here are some steps which you should go through,

  • Remove the inner and outer liners that are connected to the ducts. Do this for connections with the unit, wall and ceiling. Prepare a cleaning solution in a bucket as given above and soak some rags in it. Squeeze the rags so that excess water is eliminated and then clean the inner duct liner with them. Try to push in the rag as far as possible. Please note that you will only be able to clean the ends of the duct this way.
  • If you have a vacuum cleaner, use it to reach farther in.
  • When you have cleaned the duct, treat it with a mastic coat over the connecter. Slide in the inner liner once again, and seal the duct with a plastic zip tie. You can also use a Panduit strap for this purpose.
  • Remove the outer liner and insulation. Clean the duct as mentioned above. Once again, apply a coat of mastic and then seal the duct with a Panduit strap.

Please note that the above method suitable for basic cleaning only. It will just remove duct and debris from the ends and will not clean the whole duct. At times, air ducts may become ingested as well. If that is the case, you cannot treat them by this method.

If you want a more thorough cleaning that involves the whole of your heating system, or want to remove mold growth from your ducts, you will have to utilize the services of a company that offers air duct cleaning in Orlando, FL.

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