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Orlando, FL – Did you ever receive an email that states a procedure which can help you in maintaining a high value of indoor air quality? Does this involve cleaning your air ducts? The advertisement is meant to entice you, but it is true all the same. Nowadays, there is an increasing awareness about air duct cleaning in Orlando, FL. Hiring such an air duct cleaning service will definitely ensure an acceptable level of indoor air quality in your home and prevent your health from being endangered.

The Benefits

We have already talked a little about the health benefits of cleaned air ducts, but we will go into the details now. If you have any family members who smoke or if there are pets in your house, there is a good chance that your air ducts will contain dust particles, debris, dander and pet hair. At times, an infestation also occurs in the ducts. This pollutes your home when the heating system operates. In all these cases, it is your health at risk. If you hire a company which offers air duct cleaning in Orlando, FL, they will be able to make your ducts clean once again and the air in your home will become unpolluted.

There is another very good reason for cleaning your air ducts. Clogged ducts cause a stress on your heating system and it operates at a reduced efficiency level. This means more energy is consumed and you have to pay higher bills. Get your ducts cleaned, and the efficiency of your heating system will improve. Please note that an inefficient heating system does not last as long as a one which has been well maintained.

The Process

A typical air duct cleaning procedure involves the cleaning of your air ducts and other components of your heating system. Generally, many people believe that an air duct cleaning procedure is only about vacuuming the ducts, but this is not so. Other components of your system are also cleaned such as fan moor, registers, coils, heat exchangers and so on.

In a generalized process, the first step is to dislodge the dust particles in your ducts with special tools. A negative pressure is then applied to the system and air is sucked out from it. As this air is released, the loosened dust particles are emitted with it into the equipment being used. None of these particles escape and enter your home.

In some cases, an antimicrobial treatment is also applied to your ducts. This is done when there is mold or mildew growth or infestation from another pest. The surface of every component is treated with special substances which kill these organisms and prevent further growth,


The costs of air duct cleaning in Orlando, FL vary with a number of factors such as the size of your system, the type of service you avail and the contamination levels. Contact a reputable air duct cleaning contractor for best pricing.

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