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Orlando, FL – Planning to hire a company which offers air duct cleaning in Orlando, FL? Whichever of these you choose, they will more or less follow the steps which are mentioned below. Ask your chosen company about this beforehand and if they are missing on any of these steps, it just implies that their quality levels might not be high enough.

Air handler cleaning in Orlando

The air furnace of the air handler is the most important part of a heating system. This is the unit that blows air throughout your home and maintains the programmed temperature. This air is passed back into the system through the return registers after it has been cooled of heated. This air is then again released into your home through the air ducts.

The main point here is that all the air in your home passes through the furnace and so it must be cleaned. If this is not done, then your clean air ducts will not do you any good. In fact, they will become contaminated again when air from the furnace passes through them, and so you will still be breathing in contaminated air.

Vent Register Cleaning in Orlando

A vent register is the grill that is attached to the openings of your air ducts. Air passes through these registers before it enters your home. As such, they should also be cleaned when you are getting your system serviced.

Vent register cleaning is really simple and requires only a mixture of water and detergent. Once the registers are washed, they look as good as new again.

Decontamination of Air Ducts

In this step, your air ducts are cleaned from the inside and then decontaminated. This can be done in two ways, both of which require the use of higher power equipment. In the first method, one opening of your vent is attached to a negative air machine and the other openings are sealed. A negative pressure is coated inside the system and a rotating brush is used to clean the ducts. This method is known as the push-pull cleaning or the negative air cleaning technique.

The next technique is called contact cleaning. In this technique, a cleaning machine which comprises of a hose or a brush is used for removing the debris in your air ducts. This is then collected by the hose.

Both of the above mentioned methods are effective, so it does not matter which of these is used.

Deodorization and Sealant

The last step involves applying a deodorizer to your system so that all foul smell is removed. In addition to this, a sealant is also applied to the surface of every component of your HVAC system so that future infestation can be prevented.

Once all the above steps are completed, your air duct cleaning procedure is over. Now your system will operate at a high efficiency and you will not have to pay excessive energy bills. Moreover, you will also be breathing in fresh air.

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