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Orlando, FL – A proper care of hygiene is driving people to be more concerned about the air that they are breathing and surviving upon indoors. The air inside can turn out to be more polluted for a majority not concerning themselves with the cleaning of their air ducts (the ventilation channels for your cooling and heating systems). After all, the increase in bacteria and dust accumulation is what causes allergies and other problems. Among the reasons that ask of you such cleaning, is a recent reconstruction or remodeling of your place.

Why Do You Need to Clean it after a Remodel

Where moving into a new or an existing home has a lot of insulation, sheetrock dust, sawdust and other building material in their vents, or you don’t have any records of them ever being cleaned, it is important that you do consider getting your ducts cleaned. When you think about the approximate amount of 40 pounds of dust and dirt (not including the mold and the pet dander) that an average household carries in a year, you’d like to think again of skipping on having your air ducts cleaned.

Moreover, if the place you’ve just remodeled had had owners who never cleaned their ducts, you are consuming contaminants that they have been creating for all those years too. Cleaning the air ducts reduce your chances of coming into contact with allergy particles and make breathing easier.

Second, you also save up on money if your systems are working efficiently with a guarantee of a longer life span. They are great places for insects to linger, vermin to create their haven, and smoke to clog in. Working efficiently besides meaning that they do not work harder also implies that you do not have a constant produce of dust resting over your furniture.

Home remodels even if it’s just a new furnace installed can introduce unhealthy contaminants into your immediate environment. The mold, soot, and dampness can also be a problem if your place is recovering from water or fire damage. Maintaining the cleanliness as soon as the project is finished can help you actually enjoy your new place.

The Orlando Air Duct Cleaning Process

Once a thorough inspection via the access ports is completed, specialized vacuums such as the High-Efficiency Particulate Air are used to avoid releasing the particles in air. Taking care of not staining any other items in your room, the surfaces are brushed and contact-vacuumed to clean them of any persisting residuals. Special care is taken into consideration regarding the brushes in question; they are respectively soft and flexible so as not to damage the interior of your air duct.

Additionally, all duct registers as well as vents are also removed (if possible) and cleaned, and protection is provided to the air duct under treatment in terms of installing insulation materials and replacing the seals.

Every responsible homeowner ensures that they have listed duct cleaning as a priority item. Since remodeling is proved to be extra stressful for those already suffering from various allergies especially sinusitis, the vulnerability of their immune systems is doubled at this time. The professional cleaning company helps you and your loved ones stay healthy by using products that include natural and non-toxic ones.

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