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Orlando, FL – The National Air Duct Cleaner’s Association has released statistics that are alarming to say the least. The stats suggest that a massive amount of contaminants are created, circulated through the HVAC system, and inhaled by the inhabitants of residential properties. This can give us a fair idea of what industrial air ducts would have lurking within them. For indoor air quality, specifically for those people who suffer from respiratory diseases, duct cleaning demands immediate attention.

It is not uncommon for a new building even to play a receptive host to debris and dirt, letting them be sucked up and build in the hidden areas such as air ducts. Apart from the hindrance in its performance, it also affects the productivity of the occupants of the building. On the commercial level, breathing polluted air is a major participant for employee downtime due to an increase in the rate of sore throats, colds, headaches, chronic fatigue, and allergic experiences. Besides such a trigger, the debris building up in the heating, ventilation, and air conditioning system reduces energy efficiency making it quite an expensive concern.

For commercial air duct cleaning in Orlando, the process usually incorporates an initial inspection to evaluate the quantity and the exact position of the dirt accumulated. The inspection would identify the air quality problems that you need to eliminate. Following a work plan and a time frame, air duct cleaning involves cleaning of each and every component of the respective building’s ventilation system. The interior of air handling unit components, the air filters, the outside of air dampers, drain pans, the heating and cooling coils, the controls and cooling towers, outdoor air intakes, air humidification, and the fan motors and belts would be covered to make it thorough and effective.

Cleaning of air ducts in Orlando is necessitated due to the dirt that collects and blocks vital components of the ventilation system including the blower and the evaporator coil. The airflow thus restricted causes the system to work harder and longer thereby using up more energy. A complete cleaning of the system in a single go helps avoid dirt from those places that weren’t cleaned, to those that were, as soon as it is switched on. That would waste the company’s efforts while increasing the wear and tear costs you’d have to eventually bear if the pollutants have not been dealt with professionally.

Make sure to go through an objective report, a videotaped evidence, and certified data at the end which would prove that your system is indeed active, clean and protected for an efficient and maximum performance.

A building or an office, can be claimed to be clean if it is in harmony with the purity of its cooling and heating ductwork, which, ironically, is one of the dirtiest parts of any building. The latter is because of the pollutants that are circulated in and out through its vents. Generally, people can be scared into seeking operational companies not to be held accountable for any financial or human liabilities. Better visitor, customer and employee health, better retention of and value perception in the building, greater productivity and increased profits are some of the benefits that add weightage to this option.

Offering the best services at affordable costs, ABC Cleaning Inc. is the solution for your commercial air duct cleaning in Orlando, FL. Innovative in their methods, cleaning goes beyond simple offices to incorporate multi-commercial buildings besides the schools and hospitals too.

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