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Orlando, FL – Your Orlando home has a fireplace and chimney that looks great but probably gets used for only a few months. But when we get a cool stretch and it’s time to lite up the fireplace you want to be ready. In order to use fireplace safely, chimney maintenance is a mandatory task. There are many chimneys and fireplace related issues which require being taken care of at various times. The installation of a chimney and fireplace brings a whole set of responsibilities with it. To make sure that your wood-burning fireplace doesn’t create a house fire, an annual chimney inspection is often recommended. A professional chimney sweep like ABC can discover and fix all hidden problems related to your chimney and fireplace.

Here are a few of the common problems we see with residential fireplaces in Orlando…


Creosote build-up is the most common problem associated with the chimney. When wood is burned smoke goes up while creosote get deposited in the chimney lining. Creosote build-up creates problems in the venting system of the chimney, which cause dangerous fumes to enter inside your Orlando home.

Cracks in chimney cap

Chimney Cap protects the chimney against moisture, snow, water and other harsh outdoor elements. When chimney cap discovers cracks, chimney becomes unsafe for use. In such scenario, only a licensed and experienced chimney sweep service provider can repair the chimney in an appropriate manner.


Obstruction or chimney blockage is one of the most serious chimney related problem. Blockages occur in the chimney when chimney and fireplace has not been used for a very long time. The bird nests, debris and leaves are normally responsible for chimney blockages. A blocked chimney cannot work properly. However, regular chimney inspection will not raise this issue.

Brickwork Problems

Brickwork Problems usually arise in old chimneys. The seasonal changes and hash outdoor conditions can wreck the brickwork of masonry chimneys. If brickwork problems are not treated at the right time, they can probably collapse the entire chimney.

Cracks in the Flue

Cracks in the flue are hazardous for a chimney, and a fireplace should not be used until chimney problems are solved. Cracks can expose harmful gases inside the home.

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