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Orlando, FL – As we mentioned in part one of this important topic, almost everyone in Orlando has had a concern at one time or other about the quality of the air inside their home. At ABC Air Duct Cleaning in Orlando, we’ve listed some reasons that you should be concerned.

At ABC Air Duct Cleaning of Orlando, we have examined many central Florida homes over the last two decades. Here are some additional reasons for you to get your home checked out …

  1. Does anyone smoke in your Orlando home?

If you or a former resident used to smoke within your home, the residue can still be circulated throughout your home for years to come.

  1. Do you have dogs, cats or other pets?

Our furry little friends not only shed but can also carry in lots of dirt from outside the home. You can see it on your floors… trust us, it’s in your ducts too.

  1. Does it seem like you’re always dusting the furniture?

An air duct system filled with dirt and debris can sometimes contaminate your home faster than you can clean it!

  1. Do you notice any unusual odors when the heating or cooling system is running?

Odors can be a sign of something dangerous in your air ducts. We can do camera inspections to determine if there is something of concern in your system.

  1. Are there young children or elderly living in your home?

People of these age groups are much more susceptible to airborne contaminants.

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