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Orlando, FL – Are you looking to get the highest performance and efficiency from your A/C unit? A good place to start would be the air ducts in the attic. While some Orlando area homeowners will try to seal ducts and install or replace insulation on their own, in the many years we have been doing this, rarely does this work out in the long run. Easily accessible small holes or disconnected duct work can be simple (but messy!) repairs for the confident DIYer. But beyond that, we recommend hiring a qualified air duct professional to perform more serious changes and repairs to a duct system.

Sealing Air Ducts, Registers and Grills in Orlando

When ducts come loose near junction points (like registers and grills), we usually start with making sure the air ducts are dry. The next step would be to make sure the area is clean. This will ensure that the area/materials we are repairing will bond correctly. Then we seal all the air duct joints, holes, and connections near the furnace (this includes sealing the duct-to-register connection as well.) Wherever there’s a joint or opening, we use the highest quality sealant. If you’re a DIY’er, although duct tape is great for many repairs, we never recommend it because it doesn’t last.

Insulating Air Ducts in Orlando

Uninsulated metal allows the unrestricted transfer of heat. When ducts run through unconditioned areas, especially during the summer and winter when the temperature difference is the greatest, your HVAC system can kick into overdrive attempting to make up the difference. When selecting your duct insulation, use the R-value you require to determine what product – or combination of products – you need. Use more than one layer if a single layer won’t give you the value you desire.

Maintain Proper Air Flow

Aside from sealing and insulating your ducts, the simplest and most effective means of maintaining your air distribution system is to assure that furniture and other objects are not blocking the airflow through your registers, and to vacuum the registers to remove any dust buildup. Replace air filters regularly. And you can straighten any kinks in the flexible ductwork that maybe restricting air flow from a room.

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