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Orlando, FL – At ABC Chimney Cleaning in Orlando, we have seen many of the same issues that cause problems with your residential fireplace and chimney. Proper maintenance can help avoid many of these problems.

Here are just a few of the common problems that our professional chimney cleaners see …


Is your damper open? If it is and the smoking continues, open a nearby window a crack for a minute or two until the fire is going well – then you can close it again. If it just smokes when you light the fire, it may be because the flue is cold. Did you warm the flue with a burning rolled-up newspaper held in the damper region? (If not, that usually works.) If the chimney continues to smoke, call a chimney professional. Your chimney may be clogged by animal nests or an accumulation of soot and creosote, or have additional problems.


The sour, sickly odor is the smell of creosote. The solution is to call a chimney professional to clean your chimney and install a chimney cap to prevent water from entering and reacting with the creosote. ABC Chimney Cleaning in Orlando, your chimney professional can also recommend a good chimney deodorant to handle remaining odor which has been absorbed into the masonry.


Slow smoldering fires and/or the use of unseasoned wood can create “cool” smoke and weak draft. Under these conditions the smoke condenses and sticks to the chimney’s interior, forming highly flammable creosote. A building of creosote is highly combustible and can result in a chimney fire. To minimize creosote buildup, Orlando chimney sweep companies recommend:

  1. Burn only seasoned woods.
  2. Do not burn trash in a fireplace or wood stove.
  3. Don’t allow the fire to smolder.
  4. Contact your chimney professional to clean your chimney regularly.

Whether you are looking for chimney repair, fireplace repair or an effective line of chimney cleaners, we’ve got central Florida covered. Cleaning a fireplace effectively is hard work, so it’s best to leave this fireplace service to the Orlando home improvement professionals! Additionally, a thorough chimney service and chimney inspection is recommended every one to two years.

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