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Orlando, FL – Are you hiring a qualified Orlando Chimney Sweep for your home or business? As with your home, safety should always be a top priority with your business. The Occupational Safety & Health Administration, better known as OSHA, was established in 1970 for the reason of reducing workplace accidents. OSHA regulates private sector industries encompassing all companies large and small with their regulations.

These regulations for the Chimney and Hearth Industry of contractors includes masons, chimney restoration contractors, hearth appliance installers, and chimney sweeps in Orlando .  Their rules help assure compliance and reduce or eliminate work place injuries, illnesses and reduce fines if an accident does occur.

OSHA teams go from city to city conducting random inspections of job cites in both commercial and residential areas.  They also inspect a company if a complaint or accident has been filed by customer or employee.  Upon a routine or random inspection OSHA looks for the following safety measurements to be in place.

  • They inspect to ensure that there is a safety program set up with regular training for all employees.
  • They inspect to ensure that a Safety Manual is in every truck, workshop and office and that the company has a safety coordinator

In some states a 10 hour OSHA training course is required.  Chimney Cleaners in Orlando are not required to take the course. As of now the training is voluntary, only 7 states have implemented mandatory training for employees.  They include Connecticut, Missouri, Rhode Island, Nevada, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and New York. The 10 hour program created by OSHA, but administrated by government authorized trainers takes a minimum of 2 days to complete and it focuses on the the most prevalent hazards in the field and is designed to dramatically improve worker safety.

Whether you are looking for chimney repair, fireplace repair or an effective line of chimney cleaners, we’ve got central Florida covered. Cleaning a fireplace effectively is hard work, so it’s best to leave this fireplace service to the Orlando Chimney professionals! And remember, a thorough chimney service and chimney inspection is recommended every one to two years.

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