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Chimneys are a nice addition to a house and all chimneys need a cover to keep damaging rain and animals out. The best and most convenient time to have a cover installed is before fall arrives. After making sure your air conditioner is working properly for the summer, it’s time to work on the chimney!

Not all covers are made the same, however, and that can mean costly repairs for the homeowner if the correct cover is installed. Rust cannot be removed, so cheap black steel chimney covers sold at hardware stores will rust and stain the masonry.

Stainless steel covers are the most durable, so squirrels and raccoons, who are surprisingly strong, cannot open them up with ease in order to gain access to the interior chimney. This factor alone can cause unwanted house fires.

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The correct type and size chimney cover is best installed by a professional chimney sweep. The wrong cover on a manufactured chimney can cause a house fire, and the wrong size cover on a masonry chimney may allow birds and animals to get into the interior causing even more problems.

Chimney maintenance is crucial. They should be inspected annually and swept as necessary by a qualified professional chimney sweep. The best time to have this done is right after storm damage or chimney fire, or during the summer months before the fall rush begins.

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