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Being a resident in Central Florida, you are well aware of how hot and humid your attic area can be especially during the smothering summer months. Because so few attic’s actually have proper ventilation, by improving the ventilation in your attic area you can take in all the benefits it has when you do so.

Mold Prevention. We usually associate mold and mildew growth with basements, but in reality, mildew can also take root in your roof’s frame and sheet. Meanwhile, mold makes growth all in the attic due to condensation and leaks from the roof. Removing mold and mildew can be a costly service, so by enhancing your attic’s ventilation, it makes for a much more cost-effective solution.

Reduction in Cooling Costs. During the summer, especially if your attic has little or inaccurate insulation, you want to make sure you have the correct ventilation. Placing fans in your attic area is one of the most common ways to keep air circulating. That combined with the proper insulation averts wasted energy and keeps unwanted heat and cold air from entering your home.

Roof Protection. When ice melts on your roof you could be expecting mildew and mold because of the moisture seeping through shingles and the ice dams that may form from the lack of ventilation.  It may be shocking to learn that shingle adhesive can actually melt during summer months and most roof warranties are rendered null and void when this happens, resulting in an inadequate ventilation system.

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