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Ever wonder how your HVAC System’s airflow works? Well, like the human respiratory system breathing in and out, so too does your HVAC system. Just like us, your HVAC System needs both clean air and open airflow to keep functioning properly and efficiently. If this basic function is compromised, it will suffer and eventually give out.

The basic procedure in order to keep your HVAC System’s air flowing is to make sure it’s filter is clean with air moving through at all times. Homeowners tend to be unaware of this because your HVAC filter is usually invisible to the naked human eye. However, if this routine is not handled regularly, effects of your neglected filter can lead to detrimental results.

The main function of your HVAC air filter is to block any unwanted particles from getting into your system. This means anything and everything that goes in the path of the airflow will be caught by the filter and kept there until it is removed. Below are a few things that can happen when having an HVAC System that isn’t breathing properly:

Substandard Air Quality. When your filter becomes clogged of unwanted and harmful particles, you can expect consequences. Your HVAC air filter is there to protect you and your loved ones from any irritants in your home, and keep you safe if you are sensitive with allergies, asthma or any type of respiratory risks. So, if your filter becomes compromised with these unhealthy particles this can lead to odors in the air and the feeling of inefficient air.

Cost-Effective Consequences. You may think you are saving some money by not replacing your filter often, but think again. You are actually costing yourself more money in the long run because by doing this, you demand your HVAC system run on a clogged filter working harder to pump more cooler air throughout your home.

Coils Freezing Over. Clogged filters, especially during the hot summer months in Central Florida, can result in cooler air getting trapped inside your HVAC system leading to frozen coils and frost on your condenser.

Again, making sure your air filter is regularly changed is vital. It is smart to know which filter is best for your HVAC system and to make sure it is properly and consistently maintained. If you suspect your HVAC air filter needs changing or have any concerns about repairing it give us a call at ABC Cleaning and talk with a professional today!

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