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Are you experiencing bad odors coming from inside your home? You’ve checked your kids for any accidents and your dog has just been groomed so what could it be? It could be and most likely is your HVAC system. This warning sign coming from your air conditioner is not a good one.

When your air conditioner starts to smell, it can be a result of something small like a dirty air filter per say, however that is still not good for your health. And on an even more serious note, some smells are hazardous and toxic requiring medical attention. So how do you Decipher what you are smelling is dangerous? Here are some descriptions of certain smells and what they tell you about your potentially dangerous HVAC system:

Sewage. Most of the time sewage smells are exactly what they smell like: sewage. Broken pipes or a backup leakage around your ducts can fill your home with unpleasant odors as well as a potent methane smell. These smells can be dangerous to breathe in even at very low levels.

Burning Smell. Odors representing something burning can pose a hazard to your health. These electrical odors may imply a mechanical problem with your compressor or fan. It is wise to consult n HVAC professional ASAP before ever taking these kind of matters into your own hands.

Exhaust like Fumes. Fluid leaks can provide fumes similar to gas even if you do not have a gas HVAC system. These kinds of chemicals that are burning can release large amounts of toxic gas that can deplete the oxygen in your home.

Bad Smells are uncommon and a warning sign that something is not working properly in your HVAC system and needs to be addressed immediately. If you have smelt or are currently smelling any of these smells in your home, call Central Florida’s ABC Cleaning, Inc. to have a professional assist you as soon as we can.

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