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Here in Central Florida we don’t really see “winter” temperatures, but that doesn’t mean that we Floridians don’t get into the holiday spirit! We love to light our fireplaces and smell that sweet scent of firewood burning, and before we do, we need to make sure our chimney’s are safe. Without proper care and proper cleaning of your chimney, you run the risk of putting yourself and your family at risk for health hazards and/or a house fire. Below are a couple necessary steps you can to take in order to secure that your chimney is clean and safe for enjoying it this winter season.

Inspection. Look for any damages by checking for any cracks, broken flue liners or dampness. Also check for soot buildup along the sides and up your chimney, but make sure before you do any of this you are protecting yourself with proper safety gear for your face and lungs. However, if you’re like 99% of homeowners in Central Florida, you should leave the inspection to the experts.  ABC Cleaning has been inspecting, cleaning, and repairing chimneys for decades and has a knowledge service team to help with any and all of your needs.

Clean. After you or a professional have inspected and checked your fireplace for any damages or buildup, it is wise to make sure your chimney is clean and free of blockages. The soot that builds up from certain types of wood can be very combustible and pose a threat for an in-home fire. Even if you rarely use your fireplace don’t assume it doesn’t need to be cleaned. Critters can enter your chimney building nests and housing themselves inside during non-use months. Along with these benefits provided from cleaning out your chimney, your fireplace will also provide better heat as well as allow for fewer repairs.

Go Professional. While you may think that doing it yourself will save you money, truth be it told, you could really end up with more expenses if your chimney is not properly cleaned and/or if it breaks. So, if you have never cleaned your chimney before, please leave it to the professionals. We deal with all sorts of chimney issues on the regular basis and are capable of adapting to a variety of situations. We have the tools necessary for the job so you don’t have to stress over possibly damaging your home or getting unwanted injures.

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