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Making sure your dryer vent is well taken care of will benefit you in many different ways. It helps by preventing the need of replacing your dryer, it helps lowers your monthly energy costs and lastly it will help protect your home and your family from a possibly fire. Dryer vent cleaning does not need to be stressful, especially when our helpful employees at ABC Cleaning Inc. are always willing to deliver excellent customer service. When it comes to any dryer vent questions we are here to help. There are a few things you need to know as well as things to keep in mind. Your dryer vent should be taken seriously in all aspects and below are provided the reasons why:

  • What is my dryer vent designed and responsible for exactly? Dryer vents are pretty well hidden, and you might assume that they place a smallish role in what your actual dryer does, however it is actually the complete opposite. You can be always certain your dryer vents are doing most of the work including expelling heat and moisture from your actual dryer.
  • Why is it necessary to have my dryer vent cleaned? Failure in having your dryer vent cleaned regularly will result in high energy costs, possible replacement of dryer due to damage and increased risk of causing a home fire.
  • When should I have my dryer vent cleaned? The amount of times you should have your dryer vent cleaned ultimately depends and varies from one home to the next. Depending on how frequently you use your dryer as well as weather conditions, we overall recommend you have your dryer vent cleaned at least once a year.
  • Can I clean my own dryer vent? Although not impossible, we fully recommend you have your dryer vent cleaned and inspected by a professional. We can fully make sure that your dryer vent is safe and secure for your home and will work efficiently to our high standards.

When it comes to hiring professionals, make sure you’re working with the very best. Here at ABC Cleaning you can trust our professionals who will work quickly and efficiently to make sure your dryer vent is safe for the season.

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