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There are a handful of air ducts that run throughout your home including all the air conditioning vents in every room as well as the dryer vent in your laundry room. Dust will accumulate and settle in any area of your home that has a vent and find its way into every crevice. For you to keep your home clean and healthy, having your air ducts cleaned is an important step in eliminating these unwanted health threats.

When air enters your home through your central air conditioning system it goes through a filter first. As much as these filters are effective and important for your air quality and system’s efficiency, if the particles are smaller than the lining in the filter they will have no place else to go besides inside your home. These types of particles include dust, oil, dander and dead skin that can compromise your air system over time. Air duct cleaning is the smartest and easiest solution to reduce a dusty home. See our latest In-Duct Air Purifier, the Air Scrubber Plus

Some home owners may be concerned when it comes to having their air and dryer vents cleaned, however it is a key feature in making sure your home is safe. It is also very important because your dryer vent can become dusty, clogged and a fire hazard. Every home owner should be resilient about making sure they schedule and follow through with their professional cleaning appointments so that your home remains safe. It is ideal to have your dryer and air vents cleaned once or twice a year for optimum efficiency. If you think about it, you are constantly using your air and heat system as well as your dryer; if you continue to have your ducts cleaned regularly you will notice a fresher and cleaner home.

Another great reason to have your vents cleaned thoroughly is to help with allergies and upper respiratory health. Seasonal and as well as chronic allergies affect millions of Americans every year. When pollen fills the air during spring and fall, they also fill your home through its ducts. It does not matter how great your air filters are, particles still are able to enter your home and affect your breathing. When a professional, such as ABC Cleaning Inc. is given the chance to clean your ducts, they are able to remove many allergens from your home. This provides relief from allergy symptoms by providing a clean atmosphere for your sinuses and lungs.

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