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Central air conditioning units have their biggest workouts in the summertime, especially when the Central Florida heat takes over. Once summer dies down, and students, teachers and parents return to their hectic schedules, breathing problems, flu’s and most sicknesses start to emerge with this season. Listed below are a few reasons why end of summer/early fall, is the ideal time to have your air ducts professionally cleaned:

Cleaning Takes a Vacation Too. When schools are not active and students far away vacationing either at home or around the country, cleaning tends to takes a break from school and educational institutions. Even if summer classes are offered, several weeks in August serve almost as a universal vacation period for administration and everyone else working for the administration. A full air duct cleaning at the end of summer, allows the building’s air quality to get working again and back to normal exertion.

Fall Starts Allergy Season. For many people who suffer from seasonal allergies, fall is the worst season of all. While the fall season is not so harsh here in Central Florida because of our tropical weather, other areas of the country suffer through it. The humidity of summer often gives way to drier air in the fall, causing harsh sensations in people’s upper respiratory systems. Professional duct cleaning assists students and teachers in removing airborne irritants, so everyone can breathe easier during their long hour days.

Time Spent Indoors Increases. Having clean and safe air ducts are becoming more necessary than ever. Time spent indoors for the average person is steadily increasing and will continue to increase with every new generation. Being responsible for many people and children’s quality of breathing air is important and vital for everyone’s health. Regular and consistent air duct cleaning can do much good for a building’s ventilation system.

Bacteria, Mold and Mildew Buildup. While cleaning routines take a break during the summer, other types of maintenance will lapse as well. This break in custodians’ diligence may allow mold, bacteria and mildew levels to rise, making it harder for everyone to breathe when returning back during in the fall. Having your duct work cleaned, ensures that the bacteria ,mold spores, and dirty dust particles are banished. Overall, doing this will provide a safer and healthier place for everyone to be housed in during the day.

Fresh New Start. Starting the school year with clean air inside of classrooms and other school facilities, sets a positive tone for the entire year. By removing the dust, mold, mildew, and other harmful particles, you allow everyone entering school buildings to breathe easier, while providing focus on the work at hand.

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