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It’s never good news when you suddenly realize you have a leak in the area of your chimney. Lot’s of questions immediately come to mind.  Where is the leak coming from? Has mold begun growing in the house? Is the insulation affected or worse, destroyed? And the obvious, how much is this going to cost?

However, before you begin panicking there are a few things you need to understand. These are things that potentially could’ve prevented the water damage or at least could have kept the leak from getting worse.

  • Repair or install a chimney cap
  • Repair or install a chimney chase
  • Repair or install a chimney cricket
  • Repair or install flashing

While your chimney may not always be the culprit.  The odds are if you notice water stains forming near your fireplace it’s probably a very good idea to get your chimney inspected, not just your roof, by a chimney professional like ABC Cleaning, Inc.

Chimney leaks can result from a number of causes. Over time exposure to weather and the outdoor elements will break down the masonry and structure of your chimney. You’ll begin to notice cracks, rust, moss, efflorescence (a chalky deposit on masonry), and spalling or flaking bricks.

To protect your home from deteriorating it’s best to waterproof your chimney. Repairing or installing flashing (a piece of sheet metal between the chimney & roof) is an essential way to block out unwanted moisture. You can also install a chimney chase and cap. The chase is a large metal cover that fits over the entrance of your chimney, whereas, the cap is placed above the chase to prevent bugs, animals, debris, and water.

Take the proper precautions and have your chimney properly inspected every year to avoid expensive repairs. Make sure your fireplace and home are operating at peak efficiency – schedule your annual chimney inspection today by contacting ABC Cleaning today.

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