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A/C Freezing and Air Ducts

If your air conditioner starts to freeze or has been showing sings of freezing you should take this as a serious red flag. Even if you have only been experiencing the slight symptoms of a compromised HVAC such as reduced air flow and slow cooling, if you do not take immediate action be prepared to…
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Your Home Holiday Checklist

Holiday season is soon approaching us, and for the average American this entails being surrounded by family and friends more often. Celebrating and spending quality time together is so important especially during this time of the year, and making sure to consider your home's comfort level when preparing, can be vital for you and your…
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A Few Ways HVAC Cleaning Saves Energy

Over. time, expensive Central Florida electricity bills add up and especially during the summer months. But were you aware that your cooling and heating system makes up for about 50% of your home's monthly utility bill? Good news is, is that maintaining and having your HVAC cleaned regularly significantly reduces these costly amounts. We all…
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Houseplants That Improve Indoor Air Quality

Keeping your home fresh and clean may be hard work for some, especially when it comes to it's air quality specifically. Indoor air is known to be significantly more polluted than outside air because of the enclosed space in which we live in as well as certain products we deem safe and non-toxic to ourselves,…
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How To Keep Pests Out of Your Dryer Vent

Having a pest or rodent in or around your dryer vent can pose as a threat for your home and it's safety. If your dryer's vent is being compromised from blockage, it's performance will suffer as well as your home's cleanliness. Rodent and pest debris cause for a major health risk and can easily transmit…
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Holiday Havoc on Your Air Quality

Holidays are right around the corner for Central Florida and all of America which means cooking, cleaning, decorating, wrapping presents and hosting holiday parties. While all these things are positive and bring everyone we love together, it also unfortunately poses a threat to your home and health in a negative way. Here are a few…
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