Duct Sealing with AEROSEAL:
Improve Energy Efficiency & Breathe Healthier Air

When was the last time you really thought about your HVAC system and its efficiency? If you are like nearly everyone else, the answer to that question would be never. And yet, it is something that you should think about, especially if you’ve never had air duct sealing with Aeroseal at your Philadelphia, Aston, West Chester, Wilmington, or surrounding area home or commercial building. Not only will you see an increase in efficiency for your HVAC system, but you will experience a much cleaner air duct system as well because the outside air isn’t getting into your ductwork and contaminating the system.

Contact Advanced Air Service Group today to learn how air duct cleaning and air duct sealing can make a huge difference in your HVAC system. Or continue reading to learn more about the problems air duct sealing can resolve, as well as the process involved in sealing ducts with Aeroseal.


Leaky air ducts cause several different problems within the building for the tenants and the air ducts themselves. The aeroseal process can help reduce the indirect costs associated, expensive problems and uncomfortable conditions for the workers as well.

Increased Utility Bill

As air escapes and leaks out of the ductwork, the rooms further away are not getting the proper cooling or heating which makes the system work that much harder and long. The longer the system is turned on, the more expensive the bill can be.

Increased Energy Consumption

Since the air ducts are leaking and the system is being used much more, this causes increased wear and tear on the system. This can lead to more maintenance and repairs. The sealed duct can help decrease the usage and keep it in top condition.

Improper Temperature and Humidity

Since the air ducts are leaky the air is unable to travel to certain areas in the building causing improper heating or cooling and poor humidity levels. This can cause hot and cold pockets making it uncomfortable in the building.


These cracks in the air ducts can cause the ducts to pull in humidity and dirty air, which promotes the growth of mold and other bacteria. This can cause allergies and asthma for tenants within the building.

How the Process Works

Air Duct Sealing in Aston, PAWith the patented aeroseal duct sealing technology, we are able to effectively and efficiently seal the duct from the inside.

First we cover any diffuser or known place for air to escape. Then our technicians set up the machine and they connect to the duct. Using the Aeroseal technology, we blow air into the ductwork and it can calculate how much duct leakage there is.

After finding out the amount we then pump the aeroseal sealant throughout the duct and with the existing air pressure the sealant can find and patch up holes up to ⅝ of an inch.

The diagnostics test at the end can calculate how much leakage there is after the duct work is sealed.

Another benefit of aeroseal technology, no need to rip down walls or ceilings to access the ducts to find and locate these cracks. The sealing process is completely from the inside saving time and the costs of demolition and reconstruction.

Aeroseal has won numerous awards for their innovation and how beneficial it is

These awards have come from Environmental Leader magazine for best product, Popular Science magazine for best of what’s new, numerous different NADCA awards and the Energy 100 away from the US Department of Energy.

Residential Air Duct Sealing

You might be surprised at just how many holes are in your HVAC ductwork that is causing you to spend extra money on heating and cooling your home. If you could seal these cracks up and get a more efficient system, you would do it, right? That’s where Aeroseal from Advanced Air Service Group can really make a difference. They will come to your home, hook up their system to your HVAC ductwork, and then provide a readout on just how much you are losing with holes and cracks in your ductwork. They can then use the Aeroseal air duct sealing system to help seal up your ductwork from these holes, and you will be able to see the difference immediately when they run the efficiency test again. This only takes a few hours to complete, and yet will increase your system’s efficiency, causing you to spend less on energy to heat and cool your home. By blocking out the allergens and other contaminants from entering your system as easily, you will also have healthier air circulating in your home. And finally, your home will heat and cool faster because of the Aeroseal difference.

Commercial Air Duct Sealing

Office buildings, hospitals, hotels, government buildings, and other commercial spaces are excellent candidates for Aeroseal technology. Heating and cooling costs are a major expense for large buildings, and anything that can be done to help reduce these costs in a significant way is always being looked at. The larger the HVAC system is, the more opportunity there is for holes and openings to be present in the system. As an example case, a federal prison in California saw a reduction of HVAC leakage by nearly 90%, and this resulted in an annual savings of $140,000! This money can obviously now be spent on other areas to keep the building maintained, or even returned to the budget for redirection. Don’t wait, give a call to Advanced Air Service Group today to learn how they can make your Philadelphia, Aston, West Chester, Wilmington, or surrounding area home or commercial building HVAC system more energy efficient with air duct sealing.

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