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Orlando, FL – Planning to call a service contractor that offers air duct cleaning in Orlando, FL? Before you do this, here is what need to know.

An air duct cleaning service should be considered when …

You should contract the services of a reputed company that offers air duct cleaning in Orlando, FL if any of the following is true.

  • There is a visible mold growth in your air ducts.
  • Vermin have infested your air ducts
  • Your air ducts are clogged because of dust, debris, dander and other particles

The process involves …

As the name implies, an air duct cleaning service involves cleaning the various components of your heating and cooling system. This includes everything such as heat exchanger, fan motor, fan housing and the entire unit itself.

Whichever service you choose, make sure the provider has the necessary qualifications and will clean all the components of your heating system. If this is not done, your system will become contaminated again.

Most of the cleaning sessions start by dislodging the dirt in your ducts. If other particles are present, they are also removed. The ducts are then vacuumed with a power cleaner. After this, your ducts are treated with chemical biocides so that mold and other microbiological contaminants are killed.

If you want, you can avail additional measures as well, which are not included in a standard duct cleaning session. For instance, you can get your ducts sealed with a sealant that will prevent the growth of mold and may also stop dust particles from escaping from the ducts.

Once the service is over, be sure to visually inspect your system and ascertain that a proper job has been done.

Air duct cleaning is necessary because …

As time passes and you use your heating and cooling systems, the dusts become clogged with pollen, dust and other particles. If your ducts contain moisture, it will also pave way for mold growth. Any air that passes through all these pollutants contaminated, and when the system releases this polluted air in your home, your health is exposed to risks such as allergy and other respiratory problems.

Moreover, if the ducts remain clogged, your system will require more energy for operation. This decreases the system’s efficiency and your energy bills also rise.

The costs depend on …

The average costs of air duct cleaning in Orlando, FL lie between $450 and $1,000, depending on a number of factors. If you avail a more extensive service, you pay have to pay a greater amount. The costs also vary with your system size, accessibility, contamination levels and climatic regions.

Prevent duct contamination by …

You can reduce the frequency of a duct cleaning service if you take note of the following.

  • Using high efficiency air filters
  • Changing your filters regularly
  • Not having any missing filters ; air will be able to pass through the gaps if this is so
  • Regularly cleaning the coils
  • Vacuuming your home frequently
  • Preventing ducts form becoming wet; moisture allows mold to grow

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