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Orlando, FL – The air ducts in your Orlando home play a really important role in maintaining an acceptable level of indoor air quality and the efficiency of your HVAC system. As time passes you’re a/c ducts may become dirty or get contaminated with dust and mold. If there are people with respiratory problems in your home, this can worsen their symptoms. As such you should hire a company which offers air duct cleaning in Orlando, FL. Once you decide you want to do this, here are some tips for you. Be sure to follow these if you want to be certain that the cleaning job was carried out thoroughly and effectively.

Assess your air ducts for mold

Mold can grow in any area where moisture is present and humidity levels are high. This is the case when there is not sufficient or proper ventilation in a home. If mold contaminates your air duct, it will reduce the indoor air quality of your house. When air passes through these contaminated air ducts, mold spores will be released into the air and will enter your home as the ducts throw in this cold air into your room. When you breathe in this polluted health, you will be exposing your health to risks.

The problem with mold contamination is that you cannot be sure if it is present until you have a thorough assessment conducted. This involves taking a sample from your duct and getting it tested in a laboratory. If you do not do this, you can never be sure if you have mold infestation. So before you hire a company that offers air duct cleaning in Orlando, FL, get a mold assessment conducted. If there is mold present in your ducts, you will have to buy a duct cleaning package that includes microbial service. Until you avail this treatment, you cannot eliminate mold from your ducts.

Get an estimate from a qualified Orlando air duct specialist

When searching for a suitable company that provides air duct cleaning in Orlando, FL, be sure to get quotes from at least two or three providers. While you should opt for the lower prices, make sure that the offered features are enough to deal with your duct contamination levels and will ensure a thorough cleaning session.

Also make sure that the company inspects your duct and then provides you with an estimate of the costs involved. If this is not so, the company will probably not offer you a high level of quality and your purpose might not be fulfilled.

Try to hire a company that is registered

Though there are many providers of air duct cleaning in Orlando, FL, not all of them are registered. Opt for a company that is registered with National Air Duct Cleaners Association or NADCA. This ascertains that you are availing services form a company which has a skilled team and uses advanced equipment for cleaning.

So act on our advice, and your cleaning session will be effective.

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