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Orlando, FL – When one talks about regular AC maintenance in Orlando, the first thought that is sure to crop up in your mind is that the service is going to add a new expense to your annual budget. With a number of other expenses to meet, including the major one of high energy bills due to the constant use of the cooling unit during the summer months, system maintenance is seen by most home owners as an additional and unnecessary expense.

Most property owners in Orlando view service and maintenance checks as a complete waste of time and precious money, and therefore ignore it completely. Statistics show that out of a total population of home owners who number around 113.6 million, around 94 million property owners have some form of cooling unit in their properties to enjoy a pleasant weather in the summer months. Out of the number of people who have some type of cooling system installed in their homes, around 41% have been reported to avoid and completely ignore employing AC contractors in Orlando for the regular maintenance of their cooling systems. This considerable majority then has to suffer great inconvenience and a significant dent in their yearly budget, in order to get the major problems fixed within the earliest time frame possible. Sometimes, the negligence to opt for regular system maintenance can very well cost a home owner the astronomical expense of the purchase of an entirely new system. This is a common result in the case of a system break down.

The additional expenses and the associated hassle of choosing and installing a new system, or waiting for the repair of the broken unit, could easily have been avoided if the home owners had opted for the regular maintenance of their previous cooling units. This negligence makes a huge dent in their monthly and annual expense budgets.

By availing the services of an expert air conditioner repair professional, you can not only save a huge amount of money from being wasted, but also ensure more efficient and effective residential cooling units.

Air conditioning units require regular filter checkup and the parts need to be cleaned to ensure maximum efficiency of the system. Parts need to be kept lubricated to avoid friction and clean filters ensure dust free high air quality within the property. Another significant benefit to be enjoyed from regular AC system maintenance includes a great reduction in energy bills with highly efficient cooling units.

Energy bills soar high especially in the summer months with the use of AC systems, and with regular maintenance the energy utilized by the unit will decrease, letting home owners enjoy a cut in their monthly energy and utility bills.

Statistics show that an estimated saving of 30% is possible in energy bills, for home owners, if they opt for proper maintenance of their residential cooling units. If the air flow issues of the air cooling systems is resolved, it alone would amount to a 10% energy saving. So, the next time you think that a friend is literally wasting money by opting for an AC maintenance service, realize that they are actually saving a decent amount and ensuring the high efficiency of their home cooling units.

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