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Orlando, FL –  Proper HVAC system maintenance is peril for the life of your unit. Regular air duct cleaning in Orlando is one of the most important aspects of maintenance since both hot and cold air must pass through the ducts to control the temperature of the room. Sadly, Orlando homeowners and renters often run into air duct issue problems and don’t know how to solve the issue. Take a look at the following common air duct issues and how to handle them.

    1. Improper Design

One size does not fit all when it comes to HVAC systems. Depending on the size of your home or space dictates what capacity of HVAC system you need. Poor design of the system can lead to extensive inefficiency and massive energy losses. That’s why professional HVAC contractors should be employed to create and install the system as well as conduct regular air duct maintenance.

    1. System Inefficiency

Dirty air ducts can contribute to HVAC system inefficiency. That is why air duct cleaning is suggested to help decrease air flow problems and increase unit efficiency. Another situation that adds to decreased unit performance is poor insulation of air ducts. This problem contributes to large amounts of energy loss during both summer and winter months. To ensure proper HVAC system performance homeowners should seriously think about insulating their air duct properly.

    1. Air Leakage

Unwanted air leakage can occur if the ductwork is not properly sealed, has become detached or not correctly aligned. That is why it is imperative that ducts must be sealed correctly at the registers and grilles to prevent air escape and energy losses.

Things to look out for that hint to air leakage is uneven room temperature, stifling rooms and uncommonly high energy bills.

    1. Cleaning Dirty Air Ducts in Orlando

Air filters are the number one way for eliminating contaminants from the air supply system. However, filters are not absolute. If air ducts are not properly sealed foreign matter consisting of dust, pollen, dead bugs, cobwebs and in extreme cases mold, can be taken in and existing inside your air ducts. This can cause poor indoor air quality and even jeopardize individual health. It is recommend to solve this problem through professional air duct cleaning on a regular basis.

    1. Restricted Air Flow

Consistent, unhampered air flow is essential for efficient performance of the HVAC system. When airflow is severely restricted it causes the unit to work harder. In turn, this problem ensures higher energy bills, repeated breakdowns and shortened lifetime of your HVAC system. To eliminate this type of problem be sure that all ductwork is installed by reputable, experienced professionals. Also, during any type of roofing or electrical work make sure contractors are visually conscious of where ductwork exists and to keep away, as not to cause unwanted damage such as crushing, tearing, twisting or kinking of the air ducts.

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