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Did you know that the EPA ranked indoor air pollution among the top 5 environmental dangers? That’s why it is important to have an efficient, properly installed and monitored HVAC system. In today’s HVAC industry, smart thermostats are all the rage. Finding the right one can be challenging, but many believe there is one that stands out above the rest.

Should you choose to install the Côr™ Wi-Fi thermostat from Carrier in your home, it will only take a minute to find out why this smart thermostat is causing such a buzz.

Design and Capabilities

Since the Côr™ is interactive and a user-friendly thermostat that is flexible with a varied assortment of HVAC equipment, it can be controlled or monitored from a remote location or standing right in front of it. If you’re used to using smartphone technology then operating the Côr™ should be easy, efficient and enjoyable!

The Côr™ is smooth, svelte, slender, and its four-by-four inch black casing makes it an appealing addition to any wall space. But it is its’ significant features and characteristics that make this smart thermostat technology so efficient and desirable:

  • Wi-Fi connectivity with all types of home networks.
  • Touch screen technology utilizing on-screen prompts that easily lead you through all set-up and monitoring options.
  • Full access to all features through your PC, laptop, smartphone or tablet, no matter how remote or close you are from home.
  • Downloadable app that provides quick remote access through the Côr™ online portal.
  • Continuous digital display that shows the time, date, household temperature, indoor humidity level and outdoor temperature plus overall weather conditions.
  • Local four-day weather forecasts and warnings about upcoming weather events.
  • Seven-day programming capacity with displays of daily planned activity.
  • Vacation mode settings that ensure automatic managing of the system while you are away.
  • Monthly energy-consumption reports that let you evaluate your heating and cooling choices in precise detail.
  • Personalized energy-saving tips based on your established routines.
  • Flexibility for use with Hybrid Heat System and Ideal Humidity System management technologies.

Wow! Talk about innovative technology. Who knew a thermostat could do all that? If you are seeking quality and superiority in an HVAC system, you can’t go wrong with this latest product from Carrier, the leading name in the home climate management industry.

Added Bonus – Saving Money!

With all its features and easy to use programming, what makes the Côr™™ Wi-Fi thermostat such a reasonable choice is its capability to reduce your energy costs. This type of investment in a smart thermostat can cut your energy consumption by as much as one-fifth. This can be attributed to the Côr™ is well-designed technology.

ABC Heating & Air Conditioning is an authorized Carrier dealer, which means we can sell you the Côr™™ and install it in your home and help you get it set up and ready for use. If you are interested in learning more about what the Côr™™ Wi-Fi thermostat can do for you, we would be happy to tell you more. Please contact us today and let’s get the ball rolling.


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