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What do you know about your HVAC system? Do you understand the importance of changing the filter regularly? Do you know where to find it? Below is a guide to help you get more from your air filter this summer by changing the air filter regularly.

Benefits to Changing Your Air Filter

“Out of sight, out of mind” is what customers usually say when it comes to changing the air filter, but it’s crucial to change the filter in order to enjoy the following advantages:

  • Excellent indoor air quality: A filter catches airborne impurities that make their way through the ductwork, leaving cleaner air to circulate back into your home.
  • Extended equipment life: A clean filter boosts ideal airflow and avoids the equipment from overworking itself. This helps extend equipment life.
  • Reduced energy bills: Sufficient airflow is important for home coziness and energy efficiency. Of course, improved efficiency directly results in lower energy bills.
  • Less impact on the environment: Anything you can do to cool your home with less energy takes you one step in the eco-friendly direction.  Regularly changing the air filter is one way to accomplish this goal.

Locating the Air Filter

Knowing where the air filter is located is as important as changing it. Most times, the filter is located on the side of the air handler –  a piece of equipment the air conditioner and furnace use to circulate conditioned air around your home. It should be simple to spot the opening where the filter is inserted. It’s less likely, but sometimes the filter is located in an air vent somewhere in your home. If this is the case, you may need to contact a professional for help.

Changing the Air Filter

Some air filters can be cleaned and reused, but others are disposable and won’t work well if you attempt to clean and reuse them. If you have a disposable filter, plan to replace it every one to three months, or when it begins to become clogged with dust and debris, whichever comes first. The manufacturer’s instructions can provide specific guidance for your system, but the following steps are generally accurate for all systems.

  1. Turn off the air conditioner:This prevents electric shock or for air to pass through the ductwork without being filtered.
  2. Take out the old filter:Do this gently and pay close attention to the orientation of the old filter in its slot. You want to put in the new filter the same way.
  3. Locate the air conditioner filter size:A number or size should be printed on the edge of the existing filter. The replacement filter needs to be an exact match in order to fit correctly.
  4. Purchase a replacement filter:Write down the filter size or even take the old filter with you to a home improvement or hardware store. Some department stores sell the filters as well. Eliminate the hassle of changing the air filter by stocking up on a few extras to have on hand in the coming months.
  5. Insert the new filter:Make sure the arrows point the correct way when you insert the filter. Proper airflow requires that the filter be oriented correctly.

Changing the air conditioner filter should be fairly uncomplicated. However, if your filter is located in a tricky spot, or you have other HVAC related questions, feel free to contact us at ABC Air Conditioning and Heat today.

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