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If your home is older and its’ never had its ductwork replaced, or possibly a fairly new home with poorly devised or manufactured ducts, you may need to consider duct repairs or replacement. Flawed ducts can result in extensive energy loss, higher utility bills, unequal heating and cooling, and overworked HVAC equipment. More problems such as back drafting, with dirty air infiltrating ducts and contaminating indoor air can also result from leaky ducts. So, how can you tell if your ducts are faulty?

Signs of Ductwork Needing to be Replaced or Repaired

  • You can actually see dangling ducts, or duct sections that are not secured.
  • Higher heating and cooling bills compared to your neighbors’ bills, even though their home is the same size as your home.
  • A consistent pattern of enlarged energy costs in recent years that doesn’t have any other explanation.

The best way to ensure whether or not you need duct repair or replacement is to schedule an inspection with a HVAC professional. The HVAC professional will do a visual inspection of the ducts, plus probably conduct a blower test to determine the physical reliability of the ductwork. This also will reveal whether a professional duct cleaning is necessary.

Recommendations from the trained professional may include duct sealing and possibly adding insulation to duct sections running through unconditioned areas such as the crawl space or basement. While a reasonably handy homeowner can seal loose duct connections in accessible locations with mastic sealant and metal-backed tape, he or she probably can’t access all of the duct network. A truly all-inclusive job will require professional service by experts in duct repair and replacement.

Rare cases that involve ductwork that may have deteriorated so badly, and is in such deplorable condition, duct replacement is the recommended preference. Whatever your decision, it’s critically important to have efficient, taut ductwork that will deliver quality conditioned air throughout your home, with marginal waste, and then brings it back to your HVAC equipment to be reheated or re-cooled.

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