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Although temperatures in the Central Florida area do not drop too low during the “winter months”, residents still see lows in the 40’s from November through the end of February. These certain temperatures can put a toll on an unmaintained HVAC system, but with small changes and a few steps to prepare it through winterization you can stay away from much unwanted time and hassle.

Change Your Filters. It is a good idea to change your filters at least once a month, especially if anyone in your home suffers from allergies. It is recommended to change your filter once a month anyways, if you want to be considered “energy efficient”. When you are prepping your unit for the winter months make sure to always change your filter also, as this can be overlooked by many homeowners especially if you are not experiencing any health problems.

Tackle Some Cleaning. As the leaves start to fall when winter comes they tend to build up around the outside AC unit leading to decreased efficiency and poor air flow. These outdoor types of debris also invite animals especially when the unit isn’t running as much during the winter months. Starting the process of winterizing your AC unit you are less likely to have any wild critters make its warm home around your unit.

Schedule a Tune-up. Before temperatures drop, scheduling a tune-up for your furnace with a professional with help in preventing a problem with it. Your HVAC technician will evaluate all the components of your system and make sure they are working properly and able to withstand the winter season. If the technician comes in contact with a problem, this is the right time to repair them so your furnace will be in perfect shape for the colder weather.

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