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Over. time, expensive Central Florida electricity bills add up and especially during the summer months. But were you aware that your cooling and heating system makes up for about 50% of your home’s monthly utility bill? Good news is, is that maintaining and having your HVAC cleaned regularly significantly reduces these costly amounts. We all know that we very much rely on our A/C systems to get us through the brutal summer season, so why not invest now and save in the long run? Below are reasons that having your HVAC cleaned and serviced helps to keep your monthly utility bill at it’s lowest during the hottest time of the year…

Prolongs Your HVAC System’s Lifespan. During the duration of having your HVAC running almost constantly in Central Florida, dirt starts to build up on the coils and cracks start to emerge. These expected effects may not seem too detrimental, however these things cause your HVAC to work inefficiently as well as accumulate more damage. HVAC’s tend to last about 20 years and even more if you maintain and check up on it regularly.

Reduces Humidity. Here is Central Florida we all know how bad the moisture in the air can get, and when your HVAC system starts to wear over the years it continously get’s worse at keeping the humidity out. One of the first indicators of a failing HVAC system is humidity inside your home. Having your HVAC cleaned helps it’s performance of  dehumidifying your home and saves you from investing in an actual dehumidifying system.

Reduces The Need For Fans. When you feel like it is time to invest in fans for your home, you should see this as a red flag. Weak and dirty HVAC system’s do not let air flow consistently throughout your home making it feel stuffy, stagnant and stale. Investing in fans can become costly as well as raise your monthly electricity bill, so having your HVAC cleaned again saves your time, money and the hassle of installing multiple fans.

It is recommended to have your HVAC serviced and cleaned about every one to two years and by religiously doing so ensures your system to stay reliable, efficient and cost effective. Do not assume that older HVAC’s need more attention because they are not the only ones who can be subjective to dirt, mold and critters. It is smart to have your newer system regularly cleaned as it will maximize it’s potential as well as save you in the long run.

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