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If your air conditioner starts to freeze or has been showing sings of freezing you should take this as a serious red flag. Even if you have only been experiencing the slight symptoms of a compromised HVAC such as reduced air flow and slow cooling, if you do not take immediate action be prepared to spend unwanted time and money. Usually the root of the problem stems from dirty ductwork which often times is a simple fix. But sometimes the issue can be from drainage problems, time taking it’s toll or your A/C constantly having to run to get the job done. Here are a couple easy tips you can perform when your A/C starts to freeze as well as the reasons why it might be freezing up:

Coils Have Frozen Over. Coils freezing is a very common problem in your HVAC system. If you believe that there may be ice, turn off your A/C immediately and turn the fan on “ON” mode. Signs that your coils are frozen include condensation that is noticeable as well as ice buildup on the outside lines.

 Reduced or No Air Flow. Having air flow issues is almost another common problem when it comes to your HVAC not working properly. When any of your air flow is compromised or feels like it is not flowing, condensation forms and moisture starts to build up. This is due to the coils becoming too cold as a result of the blockage of air. Your filters will start to become dirty as well as dirt accumulating on the evaporator coils. Make sure to keep your vents and grills open to promote healthy air flow and reduce the risk of any restrictions.

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