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You may think because there are so many different chemicals and elements that enter and leave your chimney that it should and probably will have some sort of unpleasant odor, right? Wrong. When your chimney is performing correctly, the smells that surrounds your chimney will be forced outward before they get a chance to enter your home. So, with that said, the room your fireplace is in as well as your entire home, should never have a smell either. If you experience foul smells of any kind in your home, it is a definite indication that something is not functioning properly and needs to be addressed immediately by a professional like ABC Cleaning, Inc. Below are some examples of what can create odors in your chimney…

Moisture. If you’re detecting a damp, musty or mildew like smell in your chimney or home, you may have an opening where water is entering your chimney and may have caused damage. If this is the case, mold can thrive in this environment and spread into your home posing a serious health risk.

Creosote & Other Smells. Creosote becomes accumulated when wood is burned and creates with it a smoky type smell. Having your chimney swept and cleaned professionally is the only process that will remove this built-up smell as well as the creosote that has been collected. If you are also smelling any type of smoke smell in your living area, there is a possibility you may have a blockage in your drafting system.

Unwanted Vermin. The last example of what may create unpleasant odors in your chimney may be vermin/critters/animals. If you have the indication of dead animal smell, there’s a good possibility one has died or set up camp in your chimney. Make sure to call ABC Cleaning, Inc. for a chimney clean-up, sweep as well as deodorize service to make sure it is removed and protected from critters in the future.

Don’t allow your chimney’s hidden odors to become a problem in your home. The service professionals at ABC Cleaning, Inc. serve customers throughout Central Florida and the nearby surrounding areas. For more information on deodorizing your chimney and preventing future odors, contact one of our staff to schedule an appointment. Whatever your chimney needs, you can count on us to provide high-quality, knowledgeable service.

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