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It’s been a little chilly here in Central Florida recently and one of the best parts about having a fireplace and a chimney is being able to warm up next to a cozy fire. However, the chimney cleaning experts at ABC Cleaning want to remind you that it’s important that your chimney be properly installed and covered by roof flashing. If it’s not, water can leak through your roof and cause structural damage.

We thought we would share with you some absolutely fascinating tidbits that I’m sure you did not know about chimneys.

  1. Most modern chimneys have a protective coating called a chimney liner. This inner liner can be made from aluminum, stainless steel, terra cotta, or other fireproof materials and it helps keep too much heat from reaching the rest of your home.
  2. Chimney Sweeps Bring Good Luck! Like pigs, chimney sweeps were often associated with good luck. In some towns, on New Year’s Day, chimney sweeps would walk through the streets holding a pig and villagers would pay a small amount of money to make a wish while they pulled a hair from the pig. Did you know that in Poland and Croatia, you’re considered lucky if you rub a button on our clothing while passing by a chimney sweep on the street!
  3. If your chimney is giving off a funny smell, it’s most likely due to the buildup of creosote along the walls. Schedule a professional chimney cleaning and invest in some commercial chimney deodorant.
  4. Ever wonder why chimney smoke goes up and out the chimney instead of into your home? It’s because warm air rises and creates an updraft.
  5. The top of your chimney may be covered with a chimney cap. Chimney caps can keep rain and animals out, can increase updraft, and can reduce the amount of smoke that flows into your home.
  6. A chimney fire can do a great job of heating a home, be careful because Chimney fires can reach up to 2,000 degrees!
  7. Chimneys were first introduced in northern Europe during the 12th century.  However, they didn’t become common in homes until the 16th and 17th centuries. In fact, the great fire of London significantly influenced chimney construction.  Centuries ago, chimneys were constructed using wood and hay. It was dangerous to use and expensive to build. When the Great Fire of London hit in 1666, the English Courts demanded that chimneys were built using brick and mortar while extending at least 4 ½ feet above the roofline.
  8. Use less wood (and make fewer trips to the woodpile) by using hard woods like hickory or white oak. Since these woods are denser, they’ll burn longer.
  9. A Chimney’s Height is Important.  Tall chimneys direct smoke away from the home and other surrounding structures. It also allows chemicals to self-neutralize before reaching the ground. The world’s tallest chimney can be found in Kazakhstan. Built in 1987, it’s 1,377 feet tall.
  10. As hot smoke, unburned wood particles, gases, and hydrocarbon float up a cooler chimney, condensation occurs and forms the residue known as creosote.
  11. Millions of Chimneys are in Use Each Year.  According to the EPA, there are 13 million chimneys and fireplaces in use each year.
  12. Chimney Maintenance is a Matter of Safety. If you haven’t bothered to call for a chimney sweep lately, keep in mind it’s not about aesthetics. There are an estimated 25,000 chimney fires in the last year that accumulated over $120 million in damage.

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