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As humans, we are prone to look for the best bargains and to get the best deals whenever we need to part with our money. And why ever not? Sometimes that’s how you get the best deals! Who wouldn’t want a pure wool sweater at 50 percent off or a meal for two for the price of one? But the cheapest deals aren’t always the best, and you’d realize that the day you buy a 100 percent leather handbag for less than $5, that’s when you know something’s wrong somewhere.

Same is the case with air duct cleaning services. You don’t get a thorough cleaning for a fixed price; many service providers offer you a quote without even asking you about the details of your premises or the system installed. Prices vary based on a number of factors, and a reliable service provider will ask about the size of the house and/or system before giving an estimate quote. Pricing may not ensure good quality but insanely low prices do guarantee a call for disaster which can cost you in the long run.


The primary reason you need a professional for air duct cleaning is because your brooms and vacuum cleaners are not well equipped to reach or clean tricky areas. A reliable service provider will use industrial equipment that have the right power to clean the areas thoroughly. A low priced service provider will not have the relevant equipment to ensure thorough cleaning.


The only way you can determine whether a service is worth the money is if they are willing to provide written guarantees of their services. Without the guarantee you are simply left at the mercy of false verbal promises and a job that could have been easily done using your basic broom and washcloth.


Experience counts for a lot. You need to make sure that the service provider is certified by the National Air Ducts Cleaners Association (NADCA), as they ensure that only those with relative skill, knowledge and experience should be responsible for cleaning complex systems. And low priced air duct cleaning service providers not only lack the right equipment but also the right skills to clean the cooling and heating systems.

System Safety

This is when your low priced air ducts cleaning services can really cost you a lot more than you signed up for. Inexperienced service providers will not know how to clean the system without causing any damage. The coil fins need to be cleaned while keeping them straight and evenly spaced, the blow compartments, metal ducts, plenums, access doors and every other small and big compartment needs to be separately and delicately cleaned. Only a certified professional can ensure all these are properly cleaned.

All this does not mean that you need to hire the most expensive air duct cleaning service provider available, but what this does mean is that you need to make sure that the service provider has the right experience and certification to offer a satisfactory service. So be sure to compare the services and prices of a number of service providers before trusting one. And make sure that they are willing to offer written guarantees rather than just verbal assurances.

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