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When it comes to chimney restoration, reconstruction, and repair in Orlando, ABC Cleaning, Inc. stands as the trusted choice for homeowners in the area. Our skilled technicians are well-equipped to assess your chimney’s condition and recommend the most appropriate course of action, whether it’s minor repairs or complete reconstruction.

Firebox Repointing and Rebuilding

The firebox of your fireplace endures significant heat and wear, especially along the back wall, where temperatures can exceed 700 degrees. If you notice loose bricks or eroded mortar joints, it may be time for repair. Ensuring the firebox’s structural integrity is essential for safety and efficiency.

Mortar Crown Repair

The mortar crown, located at the top of your chimney, serves a crucial role in shedding water away from the flue and preventing water from entering the chimney chase. Cracks or missing sections in the mortar crown can lead to extensive water damage within your chimney structure. Our experts can assess and repair any issues to protect your chimney from moisture-related problems.

Chimney Caps: Essential Protection

Chimney caps are vital components that offer multiple benefits:

Rain and Animal Protection. Caps prevent rain from entering the chimney and keep out birds and other animals that might seek refuge inside.

Material Variety. Caps come in various materials, including steel, stainless steel, copper, and aluminum. The popular choices are stainless steel and black-painted steel, often featuring side screening to deter birds and small animals.

Mounting Options. Caps can be mounted using screws, inside mounting models, or other fasteners, ensuring a secure fit on different chimney structures.

Advantages of Chimney Caps

Investing in a chimney cap offers numerous advantages, including:

Animal Deterrent. Caps prevent animals like raccoons and birds from nesting in your chimney or fireplace.

Moisture Protection. They keep rain and moisture from building up inside the chimney, reducing the unpleasant chimney smell that can occur in warmer weather.

Chimney Crown Protection. Caps shed ice and rain from the chimney crown, extending its lifespan and preventing flue tile cracking.

Improved Draft. In areas with constant wind, chimney caps can enhance draft performance.

Damper Repair

Dampers play a crucial role in conserving energy and preventing heat loss. If your fireplace lacks a damper, you might be wasting money as heat escapes up the chimney. At ABC Cleaning, Inc., we offer throat dampers, top-sealing dampers, and damper cap combinations to suit your needs.

Eliminating Draft Problems. Our experts are committed to making your fireplace work efficiently. If you’ve experienced smoke-related issues or draft problems that have hindered your enjoyment of your wood-burning stove or fireplace, we’ll explore all possible solutions to ensure your fireplace operates smoothly.

Waterproofing for Longevity. When conducting masonry repairs, we also offer waterproofing services. Sealing your chimney with a waterproofing agent deflects the elements rather than absorbing moisture. This protective measure extends your chimney’s life by preventing deterioration and minimizing the effects of freeze-thaw cycles.

For reliable chimney repairs and expert guidance on maintaining your chimney’s health and functionality in Orlando, Florida, turn to ABC Cleaning, Inc. Our experienced team is dedicated to ensuring your chimney is in top condition, providing safety, efficiency, and peace of mind. Contact us today at (407 381-2120 to schedule a comprehensive chimney inspection and repairs.




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