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We at ABC Cleaning. Inc. will clean and sanitize all of your ductwork using our state-of-the-art method of cleaning using truck-mounted vacuums. Our truck-mounted vacuum maintains a constant suction of 12,000 C.F.M., five times more than a portable unit. Our truck-mounted vacuum will transport all dust, dirt, and contaminants straight from your home or office into our trucks. This ensures no contamination to you and your surrounding area. Other methods of cleaning can re-contaminate your home or office.


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Welcome to ABC Cleaning, Inc., your trusted partner in sanitation and disinfection services in Orlando, FL. In today’s world, maintaining a safe, sanitized environment is more critical than ever. Everyday essentials, such as sanitation and disinfection, have taken center stage in the post-pandemic era. However, traditional cleaning methods often fall short, leaving hidden bacteria and germs behind, along with a lingering sense of unease.

At ABC Cleaning, Inc., we step in as your reliable ally in this ongoing battle, offering solutions that go beyond surface cleaning. Our expertise lies in professional sanitation and disinfection techniques, ensuring a thoroughly disinfected environment. Picture a space that’s not just clean but also a haven of health and well-being – a gift from ABC Cleaning, Inc. to you.

Sanitation & Disinfection – Our Comprehensive Approach

Disinfection Services. With ABC Cleaning, Inc., you can leave the worries of disinfection behind. Our high-quality disinfectants swiftly eliminate germs upon contact, creating a safer, healthier environment for all.

Eco-Friendly Practices. We prioritize the health of our planet along with that of our clients. Our eco-friendly products and practices reflect our commitment to safeguarding both your spaces and the environment.

Expertly Trained Staff. Our dedicated team undergoes rigorous training in sanitation and disinfection best practices. Our knowledge and skills are continually updated, ensuring top-tier service delivery.

Diverse Services. Whether you manage commercial buildings, business offices, restaurants, fitness centers, or residential properties, our sanitation services cater to diverse environments. With ABC Cleaning, Inc., safety is assured wherever you are.

Commercial Air Duct Disinfecting

A clean workspace or home is undoubtedly comforting, but the invisible presence of lingering bacteria and germs poses a silent, unsettling threat. Traditional cleaning methods often fail to deliver a thoroughly sanitized environment.

Are your employees’ well-being a top priority? Do you recognize the importance of maintaining a sanitized office, even beyond the pandemic?

ABC Cleaning, Inc. specializes in elevating your office from mere cleanliness to thorough sanitation and disinfection. Your employees will appreciate it, and their productivity will undoubtedly increase.

Let ABC Cleaning, Inc. become your strategic partner in crafting an environment that transcends cleanliness – it’s safe, healthy, and a symbol of well-being. Imagine a space where sanitation and disinfection redefine the norm. Welcome to the new standard. Welcome to the ABC Cleaning, Inc. commitment.

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In these unprecedented times, ABC Cleaning, Inc. stands by you and your business. The emergence of COVID-19 has emphasized the significance of proper sanitation procedures.

Professional sanitation services offer several advantages over traditional cleaning methods. They employ specialized equipment and techniques to effectively remove germs and bacteria from surfaces, making them highly effective at curbing the spread of diseases. Additionally, professional sanitization services can reach deep into crevices and hard-to-access areas that regular cleaning methods may miss.

Moreover, professional sanitization services include disinfection, which involves using chemicals to eliminate germs on contact, providing an added layer of protection against viruses and bacteria. This is especially crucial in settings like healthcare facilities, where strict safety protocols are essential to safeguard patients and staff.

Lastly, professional sanitization services typically utilize eco-friendly products, ensuring the safety of both people and the environment. This helps prevent the release of harmful chemicals into the atmosphere or water supply during the cleaning process.

Our staff is trained and prepared to disinfect your property using the latest measures recommended by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). 

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