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Winter is here! It is that time of the year when companies that offer chimney cleaning in Orlando are in great demand. The primary reason behind this increase in demand is that unclean chimneys are a symbol of unhealthy living and are prone to disastrous fire hazards.

So when is it really the right time to worry about cleaning your chimney or having it professionally cleaned? This post aims to answer this question

The Basics

There is no simple rule of thumb on how often you should clean your chimney. Should you clean it after, let’s say 30 uses or one year? The only straight forward answer can be that “it depends”. How often your chimney might require a cleaning depends on several factors.

The right time for chimney cleaning in Orlando is when there is sufficient amount of soot inside the chimney. This blocks the outward flow of gases and as a result the leftover gases remain in your house’s environment. Soot and creosote forms when wood is burned incompletely. A smoky fire without enough oxygen emits lots of unburned tar vapors that can condense inside the flue and stick to it, and could lead to a chimney fire.

Checking for Creosote Yourself

You’ll need a few tissue papers; safety goggles; a basic disposable dust mask; a strong flashlight; and your fire poker.

First make sure that your chimney has no downdraft. Place a few tissue papers in the chimney and you’ll immediately know. If you feel any airflow, then open a door or window on the same floor as the fireplace. Let the airflow until the downdraft stops, reverses, or the air flows up.

Next, wear goggles and the dust mask. Take a strong flashlight and your fireplace poker and duck under the chimney to scratch the black surface above the smoke chamber. If the groove you scratch in the creosote is paper thin, no cleaning is needed. In case it is much thicker then the “chimney cleaning” in Orlando worries were match on and you must schedule a cleaning soon.

NOTE: If you have more than a quarter of an inch of creosote, DO NOT USE THE FIREPLACE AGAIN until it is cleaned — a chimney fire could occur at any time.

Creosote Facts

Creosote builds faster on exterior chimney compared to interior chimneys. This is because of lower outside temperatures. So check for creosote near the top of the firebox, in the smoke chamber and around the damper. Furthermore, check the flue especially on exterior chimneys.

You can reduce creosote buildup in your fireplace by providing adequate combustion air. This will significantly increase the time before the next cleanup.

Chimney Cleaning in Orlando- Know Your Limits!

There are some chimney cleansings that you can perform yourself, others you should not. If the soot in your chimney is a shade of gray or brown then it means that the soot has not hardened. You can easily remove it without paving way for future problems. In case it has taken form of a granular black tar or is a shiny glaze like coating then you need to call in the professionals.

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