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Orlando, FL – Awareness of the potential hazards of blocked and dirty chimneys has been around since quite a few centuries. The earliest chimneys have been around since the 12th century, but were not common in households until the 16th century. Once the use of chimneys became prevalent in our culture, accidents due to dirty chimneys started rising, creating the need for professional cleaners. Chimney cleaning in Orlando used to be dramatically different in the early years, from the way we perceive the service today.

The Human Brush

Ignorance breeds cruelty. Once the chimneys became common in households, the tradition of using children to climb up chimneys to clean them began. Children as young as 5 years were forced and coerced into climbing up clogged chimneys wearing nothing for protection. These ‘climbing boys’ were considered expendable and were kept in the harshest of conditions. Injuries, illnesses, and even deaths were a common occurrence for these children.

Chimney Sweeper Regulations

During late 18th century, people started clamoring for humane conditions to be provided to the climbing boys. This was after several deaths and numerous reports of wanton cruelty by the owners of the chimney climbing boys. Through efforts of highly-placed citizens and a select few sympathetic chimney sweeps, the government finally started issuing regulations to make the conditions more humane for these children.

Due to lack of enforcement, most of the early regulations were ignored by the chimney cleaning guilds; but once the police were granted the ability to arrest any chimney sweep on suspicion of maltreatment of children, the regulations saw implementation in society. By 1875, all chimney sweepers were required to be authorized by the police before beginning their businesses. The practice of using a person to go up a chimney ended altogether once proper chimney brushes were invented that eliminated the need.

The Shift to Modern Chimney Cleaning

The growing uproar against the use of a human being to go up and clean a chimney from within, ultimately lead to the shift to the use of modern techniques for chimney cleaning in Orlando. Beginning with the advent of a chimney brush that could be inserted the bottom of a chimney; modern techniques have streamlined the process significantly over the years. Various mechanical solutions were presented during the early days that eliminated the need of a human brush; but the early chimney brush alone remains in use to this day.

Professional Chimney Cleaners Today

With time, the concept of chimneys has also evolved. Today, the chimney cleaning industry includes the cleaning and maintenance of the traditional chimney, along with heating vents for various appliances including building furnaces and heaters. State-of-the-art equipment like cameras and vacuum cleaners, along with the traditional chimney brush, are used by professional chimney cleaners in order to get the vents cleaned extensively and eliminating risk altogether. The servicemen are trained professionals and generally have the required knowledge to determine gas leaks, and need of any repairs in the chimney.

Chimney cleaning in Orlando has evolved into a booming industry; the level of service varying from company to company. If you are considering a routing cleaning, ensure that your chosen chimney cleaner has all the modern equipment to perform the job the right way.

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