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Orlando, FL – How often do you call a service that offers air duct cleaning in Orlando, FL? If your answer is not often, then you should do it right now. Just make sure that you hire a reputable company for this so that you can enjoy a high level of quality.

Indoor Air Quality in Orlando

Indoor air cleaning is a primary reason for getting seeking air duct cleaning in Orlando, FL right away. If your room is of an average size, it will be creating over 40 pounds of dust particles on a yearly basis. Other than dust, the air in your home contains many other particles that put your heat at risk such as dander and air pollutants. Your HVAC system sucks in these particles and releases them again for about seven times on a daily basis. At times, these particles can clog your ducts which will put your health in an even greater risk.

So until you get your ducts cleaned, there is no way that these particles are being removed. Do this regularly and you will be able to maintain high levels of indoor air quality in your home.

Health Concerns

As we have already mentioned, unclean air ducts continue to release contaminants into your home. Initially, you may not notice the effects, but in the long run, they can be quite harmful, especially if one of your family members is suffering from respiratory problems. However, if you clean air ducts, you will not suffer from any of these effects and remain safe.

Energy Savings

According to a study, nearly 40% of the energy utilized by a heating and cooling system is just wasted. How does this happen? If your air ducts are clogged, the system requires more efforts to maintain the set temperature and will consume more energy. Not only this, the lifespan of your system also decreases and its effectiveness falls down.

Many heating systems do make use of filters, which keep a lot of particles out. But with time, these filters do not perform up to the mark, and you will require an air duct cleaning service. Should you avail this regularly, you will be able to save energy and thus pay reduced electricity bills.

Longevity of the System

A study estimates that 90% heating systems break down only because they were not maintained regularly or cleaned frequently. If your system fails to function, you may either have to get it repaired or replaced. Both will incure costs which will be more than seeking the services of a reputed company that offers air duct cleaning in Orlando, FL.

Odor Removal

If air ducts remain unclean for too long, they become a breeding site of many pests. The most common of these are mold and mildew growth, but in some cases, rats also start breeding in the ducts. This releases a foul smell into your home, which does not go sway with regular air fresheners. An air duct cleaning service be your only choice in this regard.

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