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Orlando, FL – Air duct cleaning in Orlando, FL is a common procedure that is available to many homeowners. If your air ducts are clogged, you should also utilize this service so that you can maintain an acceptable level of indoor air quality in your home. Whichever provider you choose for the job, make sure that they clean your entire HVAC system, including the ducts, coils, registers, grills, drain pans, air cleaner, air filter and heat exchanger. If this is not the case, your system will become contaminated again, and you will not enjoy any cleaning advantages.

Here are the main steps of a standard cleaning procedure.

Dislodging the components

If your chosen provider of air duct cleaning in Orlando, FL offers quality services, they will ensure that all contamination sources are removed from your HVAC system. Initially, agitation devices are used, which have been designed for this purpose. Examples of these include air whips, brushes, and air nozzles. Your chosen provider will remove all dust, dander and other particles through these tools. Some providers remove the contamination sources with contact vacuuming or hand-brushing.

Applying a negative pressure

Once all the particles have been dislodged, the system is subjected to a negative pressure. This removes all the particles from your system in a manner which prevents their release into your home.

Accessing the Ducts

Cleaning your air ducts is not a complex procedure, but just comprises of many tasks that have to be handled carefully to ensure that an effective cleaning is obtained. Your cleaning provider will access the ducts through various openings such as end caps, return grills and supply diffusers. If required, they may cut additional holes for a more thorough cleaning. Should this be the case, the holes will be sealed gain with suitable materials.

Applying antimicrobial chemicals

Air ducts do not only contain dust particles. They may also have become infested by mold, mildew and other living organisms. In some cases, rats also start living in the air ducts. If this is the case with your ducts, you will need to avail an antimicrobial treatment and pay an extra price for it.

Antimicrobial substances include disinfectants, sanitizer and deodorizers that are applied to the surface of your ducts and other components of your HVAC systems. This will kill all these organisms and also prevent their growth till a specific time period.

In some cases, air duct infestations become the cause of a foul smell in your home. Antimicrobial agents are the only permanent solution for this smell.

Please note that antimicrobial treatments are extremely effective, but that is only when your system has been cleaned thoroughly.

Maintaining your system

Once you have utilized a duct cleaning service, you must maintain your system to reduce the frequency of your cleaning session and increase the system’s efficiency.

  • Buy quality air filters
  • Clean your filters regularly and change them if any such need arises
  • Get your system inspected once in a while to ascertain that cleaning session is not needed for the time being

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