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Orlando, FL – Indoor air pollution is a term that is used for low quality air that is found in your homes. The quality of this air is reduced because it is contaminated by air pollutants and harmful chemicals. Research claims that this air is nearly 10 times more polluted than outside air. So you can imagine the risks you are exposing your health to when you breathe in this air. In enclosed areas, it is easier for pollutants to increase in the air since there is no proper outlet. With open spaces, this is not so, which is why open air is less polluted.

So how do you prevent inside air pollution and assure that you are breathing in clean air? Hire a company which offers air duct cleaning in Orlando, FL, so that your heating system expels clean air only and does not pollute the environment in your home.


Indoor air gets polluted due to many reasons. Here are the main ones of these.

PCB and Formaldehyde

Polychlorinated biphenyl, abbreviated as PCB and formaldehyde may be present in your home air if you have ever used spray paints or have installed a low quality carpet in your home. PCB is present in other common household products as well such as sealants, wire coatings, paints, floor finishes and so on. Formaldehyde is present in building materials, furniture, cabinets, certain fabrics and adhesives.


Radon is found in the ground below your home; it is also present in some of the building materials.

Tobacco Smoke

If any of your family members is a smoker, your indoor air is sure to be polluted.

Biological Contamination

Indoor air pollution is also caused by growth of living organisms such as mold, mildew, fungi and bacteria. These often grow in places that are dampened or where humidity levels are high. In some cases, pest infestations such as animal dander and cockroaches may also pollute your home air.

Health Effects

A polluted indoor air endangers your health and exposes you to a number of risks. The most common of these are allergic reactions, runny noses, and breathing problems. In some cases, headaches, coughs and sore throats have also been offered.

If the levels of indoor air pollution are really high, there is a risk of more serious diseases as well like cancer, asthma and heart problems.


There are many solutions of reducing indoor air pollution and maintaining an acceptable level of indoor air quality. You should improve the ventilation in your home so that most of the inside air can escape and fresh air can enter your homes. If the outside weather is not cold, consider leaving your windows open for a while.

Other than this, you should also get your air ducts cleaned regularly. Hire a reputed company which offers qualityair duct cleaning in Orlando, FL. Make sure that your chosen company does not only clean the ducts, but also cleans other components of you HVAC system.

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