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Orlando, FL – Most people argue that air duct cleaning in Orlando is indeed a necessary measure which needs to be taken. Air ducts and heating systems that operate via forced air, run in a loop, which causes the furnace to continue to generate hot hair without it being replaced by fresh air from the outside. This causes the air to become stale. This stale air continues to loop to other ducts in the house. Here, the air pressure is increased by the heated air which causes the rooms’ cleaner and colder air to return to the furnace. As the cycle continues, the air which circulates back and forth in the ducts start to accumulate hair, dust, pet dander, and dust mites to just name a few things. The filter of the furnace acts to trap these nasty specimens before a new circuit takes place. Slowly, the dust (and other things) starts to accumulate within the duct, filter, and air grates. The only obvious step to take is to clean off the blanket of dust.

The EPA lists air pollution as the 4th greatest environmental threats of the century. Airborne contaminants are born as a result of your cooling and heating systems running which, overtime, are drawn into the duct system of your house. As time passes, these contaminants build up eventually in your air ducts. These are then circulated via the air ducts throughout your office or home and can cause serious health problems to those who are exposed to them.

Having your air ducts cleaned in Orlando by a professional provides these top benefits:

Reduce Dusting

Dusting can be a chronic pain when it needs to be done every day. However, if you are forced to dust every day, you should probably consider having your ducts checked and cleaned. What you’ll find is an accumulation of dust in the air grates, filter, and the main duct itself. This is because, as the air travels throughout your house and back to the air duct, it takes with it (as we mentioned before) air particles. This actually means that until this process is happening effectively, you’ll be dusting a lot less, because dust won’t be accumulated on your furniture, instead it will be taken to the air ducts. Which, again, is one of the main reasons to have it cleaned!

Source removal duct cleaning can help to reduce household dust by removing the dust where it travels most – through your air duct system.

Improve Indoor Air Quality in Orlando

The EPA states that indoor air can be 70 times more heavily polluted as compared to outdoor air. Having your air ducts cleaned removes airborne contaminates (including bacteria, mold spores, fungus, pollen, and pet dander) which can further help improve health by alleviating allergies as well as symptoms of asthma!

Save Energy & Save Money

The EPA states that dust buildup of .042 inches on heating coils can actually decrease efficiency of the heating coil by 21%. Cleaning your air duct system can help increase the efficiency of the air duct system. This is important because a decrease in efficiency actually means that you’ll be more likely to use your heating or cooling systems for longer periods of time; also, this decreased efficiency means that the system needs to work harder to do its job – this means increased energy consumption! Cleaning out your air ducts can help reduce your cooling and heating costs overall.

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