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Orlando, FL – Is air duct cleaning on top of your mind here in Orlando? It should be. Since air ducts can be overlooked by many home owners in Orlando, it is easier for them to forget the last time they got down to cleaning it up.

However, most are unaware that air duct cleaning can not only provide a lot of health advantages but also reduce your bills by extending the life of your air duct system.

Clean Air Ducts in Orlando Lead to Cleaner Indoor Quality of Air

The further you delay your air duct cleaning, the further the indoor quality of air decreases. Since most of the homes are now fitted with highly efficient doors, windows and enhanced insulation, there is minimal transfer of air between the inner and outer environment.

Although these fixtures are quite effective in increasing room comfort and reducing energy costs, they void the room of proper ventilation, causing a growth of pollutants within the home. Cleaning air ducts therefore, can lead to a cleaner indoor air quality as it assists in removal of microbes, fungi and molds from the infected air duct system.

How Air Duct Cleaning in Orlando Works?

There are two ways to clean air ducts in Orlando. A suction system is connected to the ducts for providing suction, while a high-pressure air hose is applied for the removal of unwanted particles from within the air ducts.

The second way includes a system that has a vacuum as well as a brushing system attached which allows the particles to be drained out. Both of the systems are highly effective when operated by certified and trained professionals.

What Should A Proper Air Duct Cleaning Include?

A proper air duct cleaning should include the cleaning of ventilating system, cleaning of the interior of the heating system, cleaning of air ducts internally and cleaning of all registers. In addition, the coils as well inside the system should also be thoroughly cleaned as well as any situated fans. Lastly, a disinfectant should be passed through the system for elimination of any dust mites, bacteria or mold that remains behind.

How Much Time Can Air Duct Cleaning in Orlando Take?

A proper air duct cleaning of the entire house can take, depending on the size of the house, a minimum of three to five hours. If there are additional systems installed in the house, the time can also exceed a lot more.

How Much Cost Would Air Duct Cleaning Require?

Air duct cleaning in Orlando, Florida is quite affordable, and many companies charge their prices based on either the levels to be cleaned, number of registers and systems, price upon square footage or simply charge $100 to $130 per hour for air duct cleaning.

If there are companies offering a lower price, care must be taken by the consumer to ensure he gets the complete services of air duct cleaning including fans, coils, interior of air ducts and registers. If there is someone charging you extra for coils and fans, he is ripping you off as cleaning those are a necessary part of air duct cleaning.

We at ABC Cleaning Inc. offer premium air duct cleaning in Orlando, Florida and make sure that we provide you with the best air duct cleaning services, so check our premium and cost-friendly services out to have your air duct systems cleaned in no time.

About ABC Air Duct Cleaning in Orlando

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