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Orlando, FL – The sure way to enjoy Orlando’s warm seasons and beat the heat while indoors is to make sure that you opt for the regular maintenance of your AC system from an experienced AC contractor in Orlando.

Although it’s technically fall, The Orlando AC service and repair season still feels like summer. If you want to beat the excessive heat in the warm Orlando months and just want to enjoy the time indoors, lounging around or indulging your craving for ice-cream, then it is essential that you have an efficient air conditioning system in your house.

Just imagine, the sun blazing outside and you positively melting indoors because of a malfunctioning air conditioning system! Instead of all the fun you could have had, you would instead be at your wits end on how to handle the inefficiency or complete failure of your ac system!

If you ensure an efficiently working AC system in Orlando, you can enjoy indoors while the temperature climbs up outside and avoid a sharp rise in your utility bills throughout the season. One of the most frustrating and aggravating situations arises when your AC system breaks down in the middle of a scorching day, and you have to rush around calling for a repair expert who can manage the problem at the earliest possible moment. A regular maintenance of your AC system can rid you of all the probable hassle on a hot day.

According to statistics there are 113.6 million homes in the U.S., and around 94 million make use of some form of air conditioning equipment in their homes. A survey depicts that of the estimated 94 million of the population; around 71% of the home owners have a central air unit, while an estimated 41% do not opt for a performance routine maintenance on their central air conditioning systems.

A startling statistic brings the fact to light, that about 3,000,000 air conditioning units in residential properties have been known to suffer a system breakdown or failure, even before the end of the cooling season. This fact shows the predicament of home owners who have to deal with the problem of an AC system breakdown, for the simple reason of being negligent in seeking residential AC repair service in Orlando.

The money that intelligent home owners spend in the regular maintenance of their residential AC systems, tends to pay dividends in the shape of great energy expense savings. The amount saved in utility and energy bills, is a result of the prudent decision made by a home owner for their AC system at the time of employing a good AC contractor in Orlando, for their home system.

A research shows that without regular maintenance, an AC system has been noted to lose around 5% of its original working efficiency, for every year of its operations. This can result in the falling efficiency of your cooling system to a subsequent break down, if you don’t opt for regular maintenance as a viable option for your system.

Be sure to appoint a professional installation and repair expert, as inefficient installation has been linked to reduce the system efficiency of an air conditioning unit by around 30%. So prepare in advance to enjoy a glorious summer.

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