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Orlando. FL – Regular air duct cleaning in Orlando is the answer! The air circulating throughout your Orlando property needs to be hygienic and completely safe; otherwise you run a high risk of suffering from ill health. Fresh air is a necessity for healthy living, and you definitely need a home environment which is free from dust and allergens, offering you an opportunity to live comfortably and enjoy a hygienic indoor environment.

Dust, dirt, dander and even different forms of fungus reside in the air ducts of your home, and if they are not cleaned on a regular basis, these dangerous allergens will circulate around your house, putting everyone at a risk of allergies. Carelessness can lead to a serious condition, with your home becoming a breeding ground for mold, fungi, bacteria and mildew, which in extreme cases; can even lead to an infestation on the property. Therefore opting for the services of professional expert for air duct cleaning in Orlando is the answer to the problem.

To explain the importance of air duct cleaning in Orlando, the following facts provide an interesting background which illustrates the relative significance of the activity.

  • According to an estimate an average person is known to breathe around 3,400 gallons of air each day, on a regular basis. This illustrates that the quality of air that we breathe in has a significant impact on our health, making it essential to ensure that it is free of all pollutants.
  • While outdoor pollution is another matter, indoor pollution levels are similar for both rural and urban homes alike. This highlights that there is a serious need to exercise a control over the quality of air inside homes.
  • Statistics indicate that around 65% of the elementary age asthma cases could easily have been prevented through the strict control of allergens and tobacco smoke. This fact presents point of consideration that a good home air quality can actually reduce your risk of suffering from an asthma attack.
  • Facts indicate that the bacteria and fungi present in the air duct system of properties are responsible for an estimated 1 out of 6 possible allergies contracted by individuals, thus signifying the importance of regular air duct cleaning.
  • Poor air quality in residential and commercial properties has been linked to a total medical cost of around $1 billion.
  • According to an estimate around 60 to 90% of individuals spend most of their time indoors rather than outside. This makes it highly important to ensure that the indoor air quality is in fact free of pollutants and safe for all.
  • A study reveals that indoor air has been evaluated to be around 70% more polluted when compared with the outdoor air. This startling fact prompts a need to ensure an indoor air quality and environment which is free from the health risk posed by allergens, fungi and bacteria within the air ducts.

Regular maintenance and thorough professional air duct cleaning in Orlando is the key to ensure a safe indoor environment and optimal health.

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