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Orlando, FL – How can a hurricane or natural disaster affect your indoor air quality? Let’s take a look!

Air ducts are the lungs of your home, and thus they need to be in good, hygienic condition in order to ensure that the indoor air quality is maintained. Disasters can be very damaging, for your home and for the air ducts.

Statistics show that the numbers of disasters are increasing in the state of Florida as in the rest of the country. These include tornadoes, storms, floods, earthquakes, wildfires and many others. Resettling into your home after a disaster can take some time. The electric, gas and water supplies may need to be restored, the house will need to be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected and the everyday life brought back to normal, one thing which is easily left out among all these restorations are air ducts.


Central Florida floods and storms bring with it all sorts of elements and diseases along with the water. Flooding can cause many waterborne diseases along with pest infestations. Rodents, pests and other insects are looking for hideouts to keep away from the water, and air ducts provide that coziness and warmth that they are looking for. Once the flooding and storm is cleared off, these pests and rodents will likely not choose to migrate back to their homes and thus it is up to you to get rid of them.

Authorities and residents themselves opt for pest control methods which are imperative, however these methods may not be able to take care of the pests and rodents hiding out in tricky places like the air ducts. Hence, it is important to hire professionals that are trained in air duct infesting. Following are a number of problems that various disasters can cause on your air ducts and how they need to be properly cleaned and taken care of to ensure the safety of the system as well as the health of the residents:

Orlando Dust and Mold

Earthquakes, storms, floods and other natural and anthropogenic disasters can lead to a lot of dust accumulation, not only when the disaster strikes but also afterwards during cleaning. Mold accumulation is quite common in water related disasters, which require your heating and cooling systems to be serviced and properly cleaned before they should be operated again.


Fire accidents leave a lot of soot that gets stuck to the walls, the upholsteries, floorings and pretty much anywhere else the smoke comes in contact with. General procedures require the electric cables to be thoroughly checked before any of the electronics are used. But getting them cleaned is just as important. Many people simply replace the filters and not go through thorough air duct cleaning. Soot can be quite hazardous to health, hence, it is important that it is thoroughly wiped off with professional cleaning services.

Make sure that you use professional and certified air duct cleaning service providers to clean up after a disaster. They are well equipped and well trained to make sure that the area is thoroughly cleaned and free of any infestations, mold and other contaminants.

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